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Discovered In Panties.

This is a true story. I was not only discovered in panties but stockings and suspenders as well.I had a fall and must have been suffering from concussion as I do not remember the trip in the ambulance or being taken into hospital.What I do remember is someone saying we are going to undress you now. I remember saying 'this could be embarrassing',but don't remember being undressed. Then I recall someone saying we are going to give you an x-ray,again I do not remember having it. The time must have been around midnight by now,I would add that I was completely sober.The next thing I knew was waking up in the early hours in a small room on my own,not a general ward. When I finally woke up next morning I found a bag on the chair by the bed containing my panties and suspenders,they must have thrown my stockings away. Maybe that is why I had been put in a single room. No one said anything about how I had been dressed.Human rights etc. I suppose and nurses must see all sorts of sights.
actorman actorman 61-65, M 6 Responses Jan 21, 2012

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And in my job I work with some nasty chemicals that could land me in hostital or on the slab if it goes wrong! So on thoes days I do not have panties on!

I was an EMT and part of our training, we had to work 2 shifts in the ER. We would take. Vitals and assist the doctors and nurses. Later, I worked at the hospital in Engineering. There was a black man that used to come in the ER dresses and they used to bring him to a psychiatric hospital. Another time, a gut came in, dressed as a male, he came in the ER with another male and he had a neck of a bottle,stuck up his ***. They called his wife. I never found out the details of that one.

My son is a ER nurse, he sees this all the time it is not uncommon. In fact more common than not.

About 6 years ago I had a heart attack and my Wife rushed me to the hosp. And I always wear panties, and a lot of times more 24/7. I forgot I was wearing shiny red panties and thigh hi stockings. Before we went in I removed the nylons, but wore the red panties. I stayed in the hospitail for 5 days wering the panties. The Nurses never said a word.

According to a friend of mine who knows a Nurse at a hospital and works the ER, there are a lot of men and boys who show up in girls undies and some even fully dressed. He said the nurse are not allowed to disclose this data, but it is happening.

Dude don't worry about it the hospital people aren't going to say anything about how you were dressed. They only want you healthy when you leave.