I was Disowned by my entire family

All Alone... Can't Cope .  My parents were the first to disown me when, 5 yrs ago, I was labelled with bipolar.  I know it started when I was between 9 to 12 yrs old when my father's half brother sexual abused me and my parents did nothing.  I see all the times that my bipolar was out of control.  When my parents found out that I had bipolar (I even had my doctor write them a letter verifying that I have bipolar) 5 yrs ago, they believed that I was faking it and disowned me.  They slowing influenced my brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmother, my children (I'm divorced).  So I'm completely alone because all my friends even left me.  A lot of the times I don't know how to deal with it. 
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i am here if you need to talk i also went thought that same thing but a friends mothers saved me

i have been disowned to. I also have bipolar.My nana died when i was nine and i just lost it I was in foster care at 13. Came home at 15 they said do you want to see your boyfriend Isaid yes they said move in with him.I didnt talk to them till I had Crystal. crystal died in 1988. she took care of the funereal and I thought she does love me. couple years went by my boyfriend and I moved into there apartment.Worked there business my little 23 year old baby brother was into drugs I took care of everyone.My brother set me up for stealing I was thrown out arrested for stealing garage sale stuff worth 10,000.Now I m still cant function right cause of my 10 year daughter was taken.But they believed that brat threw me out had us arrested.We pleaded guilty cause they are rich i would been in jail for 5 years I was scared.they never want to see me or there grandson ever again and top it off they kept all crystal and dougs stuff. idont work,i dont leave my house expet for probation and doctors >I trust no one my heart goes out to you I know how you feel

I'm sorry you are going through this, I am in a similar situation where nobody in my family communicates with me. They say blood is thicker then water, but whoever coined that phrase didn't meet my family :) if you know in your heart that you don't deserve this treatment and your family were manipulated into cutting you off, then you need to stay strong and get back on your feet the best you can. Don't spend too much time feeling sorry for yourself, that won't get you anywhere. In time, somebody may reach out to you or perhaps you will bump into someone, you never know (anything is possible). If you never make up or have them back in your life, then so be it... you build your own life where their negative ways are no longer a part of it.

I really could use some advise.