Christian Family Has Disowned Me Due To Divorce..*

I am a Christian. My family has decided that I am "train wreck" and have disowned me. I'm going through my 2nd divorce.

My 1st spouse was physically abusive, and arrested several times.

My soon to be ex promised he'd never lay a hand on me.

1 year after marriage, the abuse began. We tried christian marrital counseling, it happend again. I kicked him out. He begged to come back. He went to see a Christian counselor about his anger, but the violence continued.

i was done.

We separated, and I met a wonderful loving man.

My family has disowned me. I have been called everything in the book. My family believes if I would have prayed harder, and been more kind my husband wouldn't have hit me. They have sided w/ my husband. They have begged me to drop the assault charges.

My family has called him, and abandoned me. I have four boys, and no family. I still love the Lord. It's not God I feel has abandoned me. It's them.
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Me to. I love my family.

Hi, I am a Christian too, a believer in Christ and guess what , bad things happen to us! God will show how he will work this out for the good. If they knew his spirit, they would come to help and not criticise. No one is perfect, that is why we need God. I have just joined the ranks of the disowned. It seems to me that when people disown you , it is because in some way they cant control you. For me, I guess the time came along where their( siblings) control was up for testing. I finally said no to what they were demanding of me. When you stand up for your self, you find out who your friends are. Take care of yourself. You are your best friend. Next to Jesus! Then after my siblings kicked me to the curb, my husband didn't like the new found strength i had found for myself and asked that we do something to end our marriage. I have to say that if "being me" has purged those from my life who don't want the strong me and prefer the codependent girl of the past, then I am all for it. It has been the biggest challenge I have ever faced but will be well worth the pain when I am done and healed. I am looking forward to a life where I can feel like I am being honest with myself and others and use my energy for the best in life and not pleasing the unpleaseable people that were in my life. I'm with you!

I wanted to add... That no, my family never gave me a dime, or helped me out. Both of my parents are well off, but they have the sink or swim mentality.<br />
<br />
They see the grandkids 1 to 2x a year.<br />
<br />
I've never used them. <br />
<br />
It is because I do not conform to their Christian standards. They've even questioned my faith all together..*