Can I Divorce My Family ???

All our stories are the same.  We where born by people who just don't give a **** anymore.  How can they love two daughters and regret having the other ?
How can I go on without them in my life ??? But how can I go on with them hurting me all the time???

I hurt so much....Is there anyone out their that feels that emptyness inside...that spot that hurts so much you sometimes want to give it all up???

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Im the same way. somedays i dont think of them....those days are very very rare....other days i am so mad and other days i just cry from the hurt. My doctor says i might be bipolar! LMAO...let him go thru this and see if he doesnt get depressed some days! What ever happened to people understanding others and compassion? I must me weird for having such a soft heart. I just dont understand society anymore. Hang in there..damn it you have too..your gonna be okay.....kathy

I can't imagine what it would be like to have parents or at least one parent that is unloving or unsupportive. Both my parents are now deceased, but my 3 siblings are a constant source of misery due to the opportunism and petty jealousies. I would never choose these people for friends.

I agree. They say you can't choose your family and I say, why not? Mine are a pretty worthless bunch - siblings that is, I've lost my mum and dad. Fly. You don't need them. Think of all the fairy stories that have wicked sisters. Don't be one. Be Cinderella. Be Beauty. Don't let them ruin your life. Make room for people who are worth more and kick out the dead weights.

Yes, I have felt that way and I think largely in part due to just that. I've never been as fully accepted as my other two sisters. I am so sorry to hear that, it hurts so bad. How bad are they hurting you? Is it worth it to continue being in touch with people like that?<br />
<br />
Do they blatantly favor the other two? I would lessen the visits/calls.....only you can decide what is best for you in this situation. Weigh the good with the bad or just move away, get your freedom from being mistreated. Do you think this has held you down in the past? I truly believe it has me. I do feel a certain freedom now that they aren't speaking to me but it hurts like bloody he**. You've got someone to talk to right here if you need to. Don't give it all up, please! You're probably the most awesome of the three!