My Sister Disowned Me

Since my parents have both died my sister is the only family I have here in Ohio. She is 44 and I am 45 and we have never been really close. In October my son beat the hell out of me and my sister blames me for it. I showed her pics of my face and I can remember the exact words she said to me in a text  you are an awful mother and you are always going to be.  When you end up in a psych ward and we all know you will call some one else because I am officially done with you. That was 2 months ago and we haven't spoken since.  She chose to show me how hypocritical she is because had he done that to anyone else she would have lost it on him but since it was done to me she ran to defend him. I will always love her but I am not going to be treated that way/ I am not sure I would even let her back in my life if she chose to apologize to her. I realize because we are so different and I have had some major problems in my life and each and every  time i have needed her support I haven't gotten it. As sad as I am  at losing my sister I have made a family of my own choosing and  they are not blood. It is her loss and one day I will get over it.
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4 Responses Dec 4, 2011

that's really heartbreaking. Your sister should have understood that your son did not have the right to lay his hands on you.

wow ur son beat you up? damn? did u call the police on him? and dis-own him? i would of !

I completely understand this. My sisters both disowned me.

Sounds like your son has real issues, it will be only a matter of time before he repeats his actions on someone else.

Oh yeah he is getting help now where before he wasn't I am not sure what is going to end up happening to him with his 2nd charge we have no clue when he will ever go to court on it.