Disowned By Almost Entire Family...

I have been disowned by almost my entire family (which was small to begin with). Three years ago my husband physically attacked my father after a night of drinking with provocation. I was in the hospital at the time this occurred. My husband was sentenced to five years in prison for this and I was barely making enough to support our three kids. I had to move into his grandmother's basement where I called my home for two years. I thought many times about leaving my husband for what he had done but when I called my aunt at one point to ask for help I was turned away. I felt so abandoned like I had no one who cared about me and all I could think was well my husband seems to be the only thing I have so how can I leave him just to be alone? He got out of prison and it's been rough. I thought many times of leaving him, mostly because of the pain he had caused me with the relationships in my family, but I never felt supported other then by my two sisters. The problem mostly was that even my two sisters were still close to the rest of the family that won't speak to me so it makes our relationship rocky at times. I don't know what to do. Me and my husband are doing ok now. But I feel so abandoned by my father, aunt and grandmother. I have called a couple of times and my aunt refuses to speak to me, my grandmother chastices me for things I have never even done. My father doesn't really say much at all. It's to the point now that it has been three years and I don't think the relationship is repairable no matter what. It just still hurts so much that my heart aches for my family. How do I just let go and move forward? How do I continue being around the two sisters who are greatly loved by the family because then I have to hear about family get togethers I am left out of and it's depressing to be around that. It's as though they are so happy with my two sisters that they don't really even care about fixing things with me EVER. I am lost. I don't know if I should even continue having a relationship with my sisters sometimes I think it just hurts too much.
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If the devalue you, yes I agree.

It should have said **without provocation. Sorry.