Yea, I had sex before marriage...

Yea, I had sex before marriage and that was the end of that family love
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Wow, I can't believe your family would disown you over that. Do you live in the Middle East?

my family doesnt know i had sex before marriage but if they find out being disowned is definetly a boyfriend says i need to start leading my life and he is right sometimes we do things just to please others like family...i wanna start leaving my life your family will come thru if they havent done so are and should be more important than the family norm or of luck to you..

Thats ****** up that your own family doesn't speak to you because you had sex before marriage.

Good point

This is so sad...<br />
I'm living something like this with my dad, he doesn't talk to me for other reasons but we just seem to be stragers in the same house.<br />
<br />
I think that we have to take our decisions and not being afraid of what they think...