At Least Half. ...

At least half. Since my dad left us four years ago it is rare for any one of them to come into contact with me, and if they do they tend to at least ignore me. My mom's side of the family is dying since my great grandfather died last year. And most of them will disown me soon after they find out I'm a lesbian and I plan on being with the girl I'm with forever.
Anndei Anndei
26-30, F
2 Responses Jun 15, 2007

Oh god, they would disown you for being a lesbian? That's awful. I think in times like these, when who you are is threatened, it is a great challenge, so I'm wishing you strength and hope. I also believe your partner is lucky to have someone willing to potentially give up so much to be with her. It sounds like something from a romance novel (which if you ever chose to write I would love to read!).

Sorry to hear about your problems,. But just remember stay strong.,.<br />
for yourself, for your mom, for your bro, for the love of your life that loves you more than you ever will know and you love her more than shell ever know,and for your friends,. <br />
Good luck, and remember, youll always have friends and your girlfriend to run to if anything ever happens, Your not alone,. Good luck and be safe., love and light blessed be. Phoenix xx