God Intervened In My Marriage By Allowing A Telepathic Offer Of Love

I received a telapthic offer of love from Hannah which I accepted.  Her voice penetrated through the crown of my head to enter my mind and she said "I offer you love" to which I replied the same way, "I accept."  I dwelt on the offer for a couple of days and then I approached my wife with the news and I asked her for a divorce.  We discussed my desire for divorce all night and after a dream, my wife Maria consented.  A few days later I became very ill and I went to bed early in the afternoon feeling very cold - I asked Maria to join me to keep me warm which she did but she fell asleep.  Then God approached me in a dream and he asked me "Using your knowledge of my laws, give me a reason to separate you."  I did not know the law that well, indeed I had no idea that murder etc was the denial of love so I had no idea that the denial of love was prohibited by law.  I offered my life and I gave God a reason the devil gave me which I won't repeat here, but it was wrong.  Nevertheless, I died and I gave a full account to God.  For a while I spent some time in eternity with Hannah, and after a while God called me back and he showed me his creation of time and the earth and said it was near completion and would I like to help him.  I jumped at the chance to help God but I said would Hannah be alright me leaving her for a bit and God reassured me my love was safe.  I saw Jesus Christ and I was permitted to come back to earth with a new life.  I was born-again.  I had a hell of a job convincing my wife I died but eventually she believed me but not before we made love three times.  All this happened back in October 2003.  I am celibate now.  I'm not with Hannah, and I lost my best friend - my ex-wife.  So I'm a little sad and friendless, besides the experts believe that I'm schizophrenic though I don't believe I am.

What prompted me to accept Hannah's offer of love was that I uncovered my wife's deception that she did not love me as much as she was declaring - she was very fond of me but could not love me and abuse in her life had clouded her judgement.  I loved her unconditionally for seventeen years until I died.  That's my experience - God can divorce husband and wife but it requires removing deception and waiting for an offer of love which requires patience and perseverence in love.  I died through the law as opposed to dying through sin.  See Ecclesiastes 10:20 for possibility of telepathy.  Visit my website http://www.endtime.me.uk or http://www.godslaw.info.

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As the denial of love is prohibited by law we can re-phrase this law by saying love is undeniable by law - beware though that there are imitations of love like lust and infatuation. The law is double edged which means that while man cannot deny love to God or to his neighbour, neither can God deny love to man and himself. God obeys law. Hope this helps.

All God's laws, I believe, prohibit the denial of love (to God and to man). God divorced me because I was in receipt of an offer of love from Hannah, though I had broken through my wife's' deception first. I continued to love my wife - my wife was not at fault for marrying me though she was deceived to believe she loved me - she was merely very fond of me. My wife and I had a relationship of subtle unrequited love where the love denied to me was ever so subtle and could not be discovered for it was hidden. I persevered with love even so. It wasn't until her deception came to light seventeen years after we married that I was able to recognise that I could accept an offer of love to be separated from my wife and lo and behold six months later I received a telepathic offer of love. You are right, though - it was a beautiful experience.

This a beautiful. Can you write me to explain the denial of love? I've not trying to give you a hard time, but this is intriguing and I would like to understand it especially with the dream that you had. Thanks again and I hope to hear from you soon.