I met my girl now my fiancee at school in my senior year and her junior year... she's about three inches taller than me, slightly heavier than me and put on a tougher front... Usually we do what she wants to do... for two reasons i want to make her happy and i like when she takes the lead... I love how she can get really controlling and protective of me... i love her so much.... i like it when she forces me to lick her ***** clean and makes me clean and cook for her... it turns me on so much... i esp love it when i dress really feminine while she relaxes and enjoys watching me... she also ends up taking care of me like a mother almost... i love it when i cuddle up to her and she strokes my head and rubs my hair... i love this women so much!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Do you fulfill her needs? I hope you do... It sounds like she fulfills yours, which is awesome. You should communicate with her and ask and make sure!

Sounds like a good match for the two of you.

Wow<br />
How awesome

Your both very lucky to ahve each other.

Mwah! You sound so right for each other. I'm so glad you are having this wonderful experience!

You are so lucky. Make sure you don't loose her. I would love to find someone like that.