My Sister And Me

I remember being dressed by my sister when I was about 5. She was 10 years older than me.. She would dress me in panties and a dress and we would walk down the street to her friends house. Her friends, two girls about the same age as my sister, would then put some rouge on me and sometimes a  little lipstick. They would tease me and tell me I looked so nice as a little girl. I remember that I really did like these play sessions and that I looked forward to them. I remember that as we walked back home, I did not want to have to take the panties off. After that I would sneak into my sisters room and put on a pair of her panties and wear them for most of the day. One day my sister caught me putting on her panties. She scolded me for taking them without her permission. As a penalty she made me wear them all day. When I had to go pee, she said that I had to pee like a girl would. We went into the bathroom and she told me to sit down and pee. I was embarassed to be peeing in front of my sister but I remember how good it made me feel.
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I was spending the week with my aunt when I was 13 years old and I was tormenting my cousin who is 5 years younger than me. I was giving her wedgies and dunking her dolls in the toilet.My aunt got real mad and took a strap to my backside and then she went to the store. When she came back she had a bag full of girl's clothes. She dressed me up in a mini skirt and tights and she made me wear girl's shoes. She then put lipstick,makeup and perfume on me. I had to dress like this for the whole week I was there as my punishment. It embarrassed me and it excited me (?) at the same time. I still remember going out to eat a restaurant with her wearing a skirt and tights. I had long hair at the time so it was hard to tell I was a boy.

I'm sorry you lost an advocate like that. I would have loved to have an older sister too, like that.

Thank you, It really is some fond memories. While I lost my sister 2 years ago, I still think of the playtime that we had. She was the first person who I confided in when I started to come out. She said that she always knew that I was more comfortable in panties and a skirt.