My Sister Dressed Me.

My sister dressed me when I was 13. She is 7 years older than I and was my legal guardian after my parents were killed. She did this to separate me from the gang I was running with after I was brought home by a policeman for stealing a cd. She kept me in girls clothes for a month, allowing me boys clothing only for school She took me in public in skirts, to movies, restaurants, shopping, etc. We visited other relatives as well and my cousins had alot of laughs at my expense. While I hated the dressing at first, after about a week, i started enjoying the feel of the clothes. When the month was over, I did not go back to the gang, but I continued to dress, with my sister's encouragement.
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Nothing better than silky lingerie and a pretty dress

It is strange how a punishment becomes a joy! Did she want to change you or did she not the the posable spin off from dressing you?

Wonderful loving sister !

You need to get your own clothes. Ask your sister for her older clothes and for her to buy you some underneath lingerie for your very own. need an education. 95% of all crossdressers are hetrsexual!

Haha GAY

Public exposure is always great as long as you pass well.

Does your sister still help you dress as a sissy girl today.

Wonderful sister.

I am actually wearing little girls clothing as I write this. A size 16 skirt and top and love it!

I know I'm wearing my sisters black dress I love it

How nice it would be to have a sister like that!

She is great!

I know right

buy some clothes u will like it

Half the fun of wearing the cloths, is shopping for them!

Great, I love it when others are able to go out dressed as a girl, I enjoy it very much myself.

awww i think thats awesome and wat your sister did to u is called petticoat dicipline u. and thats great news o hear u go out as a female now for over 12 years :D

I have been going out in public dressed as a girl for over 12 years.

please check your whiteboard. I saw on your profile you want to wear dresses outside. You need to learn to walk before you run (old adage). Try going out in an A-line skirt, a polo or button front shirt,<br />
A nice pair of tennis shoes and ankle or crew socks, pantties of course. You will find people don't care as long as you look presentable. The reason for the A-line skirt is for movement, it is easier to walk, run,skip or jump in them then a straight line skirt. I wear these items all the time and have photos to prove it.

After a month I was kindof addicted to girls clothing. After that I wore them when I wanted, which was most of the time.

Think of what may have occured if she didn't intervene. She only dressed you for a month, a relatively short time. My mother kept me in dresses (other then school) for five years. I actually began to feel more comfortable in them after 3 0r 4 months. After 8 months I no longer wanted anything to do with pants. I still dislike pants. I enjoyed my dresses. the comfort, the way they swirled around my bare legs. They were cooler in the summer months.<br />
Today I still wear a dress on occasion, but prefer skirts. If I had a son, he would have been in dresses from age seven onward. I don't see anything wrong with boys or men wearing dresses or skirts. Women and girls wear mens and boys clothing all the time. Like jeans, flannel shirts,<br />
T-shirts, boxers. So why not allow men and boys to be able to wear them. I've seen boys in white dresses at communion and confirmation religious ceremonies. I've seen boys in skirts in various<br />
countries around the world. So, why not here in America.

She was trying to get me away from the gang. She knew if I was wearing girls clothes I would not go near them. Once I started to like dressing, I guess I decided I would rather wear panties than be part of he gang. I know for a fact that at least one of the gang is dead and two others are in prison, so she probably saved my life.

I wish she had been my sister

That is very interesting! Looking back on the situation, what exactly do you think your sister was trying to do by dressing you as a girl?