Bored Playmates

When i was 10 or 11 two of my friends were at my house watching cartoons. I had already been playing around with moms panties and bras by this time...anyway my two friends started talking about girls and what they would do to a girl if there was one present... we starting wrestling like little boys do and starting touching each other i started getting all girly and they caught on i told them i could be a girl for them if they wanted and they agreed. They became very aggressive and demanding when i came out a bra and stockings they insisted on shoes, perfume lipstick... they took turns dry humping me and saying nasty things to me of course we never spoke again they were ashamed and i was just turned out and to this day it makes my p***y wet everytime i relive this....
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Thank you for sharing your experience, oh to have had the courage when i was that age

girl you should have grabbed that **** :) im jus playin... you know im glad i let those two use me like that the truth is i loved every minute of that and in the end they were the ones who had the shame and i got the pleasure ....

sweltering hot beautiful at night boring as hell and yes i am losing the shame and walking the tightrope of my public and private personas accepting the fact that i am a girl on the inside and a man on the outside although the more i let go the more obviously sissified i am becoming. Im starting to slip a little for example i wear panties all the time now and they are starting to peek out of my pants but like you im not a flaunter. I was with a man last night and when i walked out of the door i felt how sassy i was walking wondering if people could see what a girl i was....

the dynamics are interesting cause on the one hand it came close to being rape really... however you cant rape the willing can you? thanks for reaching out to me i want to have as many sissy friends as possible to strengthen my own resolve to be what i am without shame

Interesting dynamics. On one hand it shows why all boys should get in touch with their fem side so they are less aggressive.<br />
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But on the the other side of the coin you have fond memories of it.<br />
<br />
This I shall ponder ;)<br />
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Thanks for sharing the experiance