My Sister

As a thirteen year old boy my 21 year old sister dressed me. She took me to her room forced me to ***** naked, she then put orange soft and sexy panties on me. This was followed by a nice pink bra being strapped on me. Next came tan short shorts and a pink tang top and shirt. We then made the short trip down the hallway to the bathroom where she put a blond wig on me and forced make up upon me. After this came nail polish and high heels! She forced me to go to the mall with her where she made me go into the Victoria secret and ask one of the teenage girls working for help. The help I had to ask for was for fitting of a bra and panties! The girl said she would help as she still asumed I was a girl. She had me take my shirt off to help me with a bra fitting and she realized I was a boy. She giggled and smiled however she helped me until I had a bra that fit. She then told me to take my pants off for the pantie fitting and she laughed the whole time because my penis was hard and began to ***!! Finally I had proper panties and we returned home where I was forced to ********** for my sister!!Finally she made me suck my own penis and swallow my ***. She then took pictures off me and told me if I don't do this whenever she wants she will show the pictures to everyone. Let's just say this then became a regular event! The next thing I knew she had five of her girl friends over our house and Shannon(my sister) and her friends had there way some more
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you are screwed man tie your sister and take her photos taking drugs and get her caught that will be better,
just bcoz you lost one battle does not mean yo lost the war, and how could she force you, is she in your head or a jedi mind master.


I wish my sisters had done that to me too. I have two, (both older) I am the youngest of 4. And I have at least licked my own self too a long time ago.

I knew a kid who @ 11 could blow himself sooo wish i could have then and even now!!!!

i wish i could have a sistr like that, and i have never tryed to suck my own penis. i have sucked a ***** but thats it, btw i am not gay, my ex gf made me, and i loved it :)

i have a very lill boy **** and started sucking it whene i was like 11yo and i could only get my lips around my head but concidering how short it was / is if it was 6 inches long i could have got over half <br />
in my mouth .... young pepole are very flexable !!

Ya I am very flexable so I was able to suck my penis

to petticoated<br />
It is possible for some guys to suck their own penis. I did it at 15, I know.

It appears to me that you like to have girls dress you as a sissy. You should have your own dresses<br />
and skirts though as well as the panties. Maybe your sister will take you out again to get a couple.<br />
Does your Mom know yet, you should tell her. Moms are really understanding and know when we think she doesn't. (trust me).

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