Forced Into Lingerie By My Aunt!

Hi! I'm new to this site and wish to share some stories.  Anyway, I started crossdressing when I was 7 years old and began by putting on my mothers night gowns. When I was about 12, my Aunt came to visit us from New Jersey (I lived in Maryland at the time), and she stayed a few days with us. One evening before dinner, I went up to wash up and went past the bedroom my Aunt was staying in. My Mom had done some of her laundry and put it, neatly folded, on her bed. Right on top was a pair of her panties. They were red satin with white lace trim. Since I was a beginning crossdresser, I was drawn to them. I picked them up and looked them over and took them to add to my beginning collection of panties. Actually, these were my first panties! I hid them in my bedroom drawer and wore them to bed that night. I loved how they felt. So soft and silky smooth. Well, in the years that came and went, every time my family and me would go to visit this particular Aunt at her house in Jersey, I would find some way to sneak off from everyone and go to her bedroom and rifle through her lingerie drawer. Over the years, I must have taken several pairs of her panties and she even had a few garter belts and I took one or two pairs of those as well. When I was 17, we took another trip up to visit Auntie and one day we were all out in the backyard having a cookout. I excused myself to go in and use the bathroom and went right up to my Aunt's room. Her dresser was against the far wall across from the door so when I was going through her things, my back was to the door. I had her lingerie drawer open and was going through it when suddenly the door slammed behind me!! I spun around to see my Aunt standing there with her hands on her hips and the look on her face was none too friendly. "What on earth do you think you're doing??" she yelled at me. I just stood there in fear stammering for something to say when she said "SO, YOU'VE BEEN TAKING MY PANTIES, HAVEN'T YOU!!!???" "Do you think I'm stupid? Every time you come to visit, I'm missing more panties!!!!" I was shaking with fear and said "please don't tell anyone". She then got this rather strange smile on her face and said "do you like what's in my drawer?" All I could stammer out was "yyyyyyes". She then walked over and started taking items out of the drawer. Panties, stockings, a garter belt, and a bra. She said "I want you to put this on and wear it under your clothes for the rest of the day and if you don't, I'm telling your parents what I caught you doing". Shaking with fear, I ******** in front of my Aunt and she put the garter belt on me hooking it in the back. She then showed me how to put the stockings on and she fastened them to the garter belt. I put on the panties and bra, and put my clothes back on. She took my male underwear and threw it down the laundry shute and said "you won't need that anymore". She then took me rather forcefully by the arm and walked me outside and we joined the rest of the family at the cookout. She kept looking at me the rest of the day with that same rye smile. That night, I took everything off and put my pajamas on. She came into my bedroom and took back her things and said "don't you ever go into my bedroom again" and walked out. I have seen her many times in the years since and she has never said anymore about it. I guess this was her way of teaching me a lesson I'd never forget.
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Well it looks as if the lesson backfired as far as your aunt was concrned because it seems it only encouraaged you to do more.

Oh yes, I still dress up but this happened many many years ago so not in my Aunt's lingerie. Today, I'm really into dressing as a French Maid and doing all the house cleaning. oooooo lala.

Hi All, thanks for the comments! Oh yes, I still dress up but not in my Aunts clothes. She's a petite woman and I'm 6' and almost 200 lbs. so I have to search for "plus size" stuff when I go shopping. I'm 48 years old now and this encounter with my Aunt happened when I was 17----so her petite size lingerie fit me way back then! SweetGigi, at the time, I was scared even though I was wearing everything under my jeans and polo shirt so nobody could see what I had on. The fear I had was that my Aunt could at any moment tell everyone what I was wearing if she wanted too. I guess that's why she kept looking at me with that sly smile----as if to say "I know what you're wearing!". Today, it's a huge thrill to think about what happened!

hope it didn't put you off wearing girlie clothes,mine started with a dare that I wouldn't swap pants with my sister when I was about10/11