My Sister's Hand Me Downs

I am a 14 year old boy and ever since i can remeber my mom has made me wear my sisters clothes and underwear. My sister is a year and 14 days older then me and we are the same size, but she is getting her boobs now. My dad left us when I was 2 and we don't have much money so i guess my mom does this to save money but as my sister always gets the new clothes and I alwasy get het old ones they are getting more and more girly or i am getting to were i notice it more. I would just like to underwear of my own and not pink panties with flowers on them. when i was little i thought this was normal and had no problem wearing her panties and nighties i didn't know any better. My mom and sister are always walking and sitting around the house in thier panties and bras a boy my age should be woundering about girls clothes and getting boners looking at this stuff but i guess to me it's nothing. I find my self woundering what boys are wearing and always tyring to look at boy in the bathroom at school. and when my sister started wearing bras I ask why and my mom said if my boobs get big I can have one too well my sister just passed down some more of her clothes and in them was a matching bra and panty set i said i did not need a bra and my sister said but it matches the panties and my mom told me to go put it on and now all 3 of us sit and watch tv in our bras and panties. I think I like boys too cause I really like justin bieber and dream of kissing him i also day dream of kissing boys at school and get boners thinking of them i am always making my panties wet. when I asked my sister why I made my panties wet thinking about boy she said thats what girls do that her gets wet all the time so and i am almost a girl i sold her i was a boy and she asked me if i was wearing a bra today and i was she just smiled. later she and mom put some makeup on me it felt pretty and then I saw myself I was very pretty. today I am home alone sitting here in my bra and panties i put on some makeup and now trying to read on here about if this is normal and i guess it's not but i am happy being the little sister but just don't know why.
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I actually wear my mothers lingerie all the time no one knows about it but when I do this I think about boys and wonder if I'll ever get to be treated like a woman

By the time I was 11, mother knew I was wearing her clothes any time I was home alone or when just her, her mother, and dad were there. Her dad, my granddad liked teasing me anytime I was dressed as a girl. He would help me into his lap and liked to have me feel of his thing as it would start to stiffen cause he was a real pervert, and liked to get off playing with me watching or helping.

Love when boys wear fem things

Very nice!

its ok to wear girls panties & girls clothes

Yes, and most reasonable parents will support a young boy in perusing his/her own gender identify. I was lucky to have a disciplinary mother who would often punish me by making me wear female clothes when I had company over. this was often for being naughty with my granddad.

I do not have a sister and i havent told my mum but when i can i take a pair of her knickers and a pair of tights and i wear them and stay in my room and when I'm sure no one is home i take a black mini skirt aswell and wear that because they are very comfy i have told a girl i know very well that i sometimes wear tights due to the cold weather and she likes it and asks me to show her one day i never have though she wants me to meet her wearing the tights and mini skirt i don't know if i should though i enjoy wearing knickers, tights and skirt i think i would happily show her the tights under my trousers i just don't think i would have the guts to walk out in public in a skirt then obviously my tights would be viewable aswell then i don't know if i could risk that incase i saw someone i know other than her i do kind of want to meet her in the tights and skirt though to see what she thinks message me what i should do. ??

stay strong , dress for comfort and good luck

just remember to be yourself. and do what you think will be comfortable for you

you are a very lucky boy to have a mother and a sister to help you

Earlier your mom wrote a similar version of this story and it was from your profile. You say your mom made you wear the clothe and in your mom's story she said you wanted to wear the clothes.
So I guess you need to get your stories strait or are you both the same person?

Great story. Seems like you are luvkier than most who cd

From the age of seven I been wearing my sisters clothes at first my mum and dad where not happy with it but as time went on they got used to the fact that when they went to buy me new clothes it was the girls section not the boys clothes. At school the other boy at first made fun at me but after a bit they just got used to me and from the age of about 9 i would only where girls clothes even to school sadly never a skirt. When I went to comp it was a bit harder for a bit but again the other boys just got used to me in fact some of the boys seam to enjoy seeing my knickers when we where in the changing rooms. I am not almost 18 and would hate it if I had to go back to only wearing men's clothes in fact I would rather be dead if that had to happen.
After all what is wrong it if a boy wants to wear girls clothes, after all if a girl wears boys clothes no one says anything to them. So to me this is not right.

That is the double standard in today's society ... it is okay for girls to wear boy clothes but not for a boy to wear girl clothes. But times are changing. Like you said, boys especially as a group will have a tendency to make fun of you. But given time it becomes less and less fun for them and they stop.

I think its quiet sexy that you get to sit around with your mummy and sister in bras and panties im 13 and my lil' sis is 11 and we play dress up all the time she loves to dress me in her panties and i like to dress her in my mummys lacy stockings i know were brother and sisterbut we have lots of fun together plus my sister is getting little boobs now so i hope she as some nice training bras soonfor me to try I say just have fun :-)

Yes have fun while your young and let your sister know how much you like all she does, so that as you get older, she will continue giving all her clothes to you and treat you nice too.

Wait...does she see your **** when she dresses you...?

Nothing wrong with wearing panties. My sister and mom did the same thing. They would always run around in the slip and bra while getting ready to go out. And I too was wearing slips and bras.

I wear panties too. I wear them to school and at home. Parents have never caught me and I hope it stays to that. But too if they find out I hope they don't laugh

Try to play it safe wait till you are out of school. Then Go a head and dress and let your mom see you. Mom's are more understanding than the dads.

I wish this would happen to me

Sometimes wishes come true. But be totally sure you want everyone to know that you wear girls clothes before your wish comes true. Friends and family that praise you today, will treat you differently after they know.
I got my wish. I'm a sissy all the time. My mom and sister always have known, but now all my guy friends and neighbors know. I had to quit my job because my girl told everyone. My sister told all the guys at a local bar. Now they point & laugh every time they see me. They act like they don't know me at all.
And even tho I like dressing like a girl and being a sissy, my life has turned upside down. I'm a different person to everyone now.
But good luck on your wish.

I wish my mum had had let me do that I heated my underpants now wear knickers all the time don't own a par of boys undrewear ps am 15 now I go to school and even get changed with the other boys there just used to it now nothing is said I think all boys should wear then.

Do you get laughed at much at school? I was always getting teased and humiliated. I couldn't get really good in school from all the stress.

do u wear bra and panties to school .And instead of wearing trousers and shirt do u wear a frock and legging. What she made u wore.PLEASE ANSWER.

Not sure who your wanting to answer, but yes I did wear panties all the time, and training bra's with my nails painted a light pink.

wow i would to be a sister to i like boys to they are so cute

Make him wear girls clothes and makeup 24/7 If he is cute and makes a good looking girl he will be a fine girl. Teach him all there is to know about being a girl take him shopping and teach him about makeup

let her have her panties bras and dresses

I have come home to this screen opened on the computer, and I am the mother of this 14 yo. boy.<br />
Yes it is true that when his father left us money was tight and when he was to big for diapers at age 3 I put him in his sisters panties and as he grew he wore her old shorts and jeans but when he was 5 I bought him some boy undies and he didn't want them, cried all day and night wanted to be like his sister. I was working two jobs and raising two kids I was to tired to fight with him about it, at age 7 before he went to school I again tried and he again fought me for 3 days saying he just want to be pretty like his sister, I told him fine he could keep wearing her old clothes but I was not buying him any new girl clothes for him. I thought he would grow out of it when he started going to school and stared making friends with other boys but instead he made friends with the girls and got in trouble kissing boys. Every time we go to walmart or to the mall I ask him if he would like some boy clothes and he says "No, not today" I took it a step futher and gave him a bra and he was so happy to be like me and his sister he danced around the house for hours and now it's been 2 years now and he is alwas wearing them. Over christmas break I started to allow my daughter to wear make-up and he was the one that got excided about it and so we put some on him and now he is wearing it all the time.<br />
He has been cought kissing boys 6 times and thats when he was cought I know there is others, and by reading his story I know I will never have a grandchild by him. I should just start him on hormones now.<br />
And surprising me by wearing a dress, he is always in a dress and I have to fight him to not wear them to school.<br />
I guess now I should go ahead and take him shopping for his own panties and things, and have that talk about boys and sex.

How I'd love to have you as my mummy :} dressing me up in girly clothes woo!

Let him do as he wants. My mom and sister gave in to my wanting to dress and it made our home life style easier to maintain. My sister is still giving me her hand-me-downs when she comes to visit. And my mom saves all her dresses and skits in a box and gives them to me when I'm there.

As far as wearing things to school, buy him some capri's or shorts and girls tops and some slip on shoes or flats..
Some of the girls clothes today look like boys anyways, tell him to wear his lingerie underneath if he wants. The teen girls today mostly wear jeans and cotton tops, so buy some for him. Just let him know you will support him, but also let him know if the schools find out he will be humiliated by everyone and could be expelled by the principle.
I wore lingerie under girls clothes to school. Only my sisters friends and a few boys knew.

Good luck. Bobby at