Forced To Wear A Dress

During week days I stayed with our neighbours when my aunt goes to work. They had a babysitter who looked after their baby, a girl my age and me. The baby- sitter was a young beautiful teen-age girl with long black hair and an hour glass body.
I was a very shy boy, still am and took me a while to make friends with the girl. Most of the time we have been playing in the yard hanging on washing lines and jumping up and down from old washing machines standing around. I got fond of the girl and mostly admired her short dress with the Peter Pan collar the ribbons in her hair and the shoes and bobby socks she wore.
At that age we always have to tell the babysitter where we were if we move from the yard to one of the rooms in the house but when I do that the girl always beats me to it like when I ask to play in the yard ,she is the first one out the back door.
There was that one winter’s morning when we were playing in the yard, I had a pee but holding it because the game we were playing was to exciting. I told the girl I couldn’t hold any longer I am quickly going to the toilet. I first went to the babysitter to tell her where I was, she said OK. I rushed to the toilet just to find that the girl was already in the toilet. There was no time to wait so I decided to go pee in the yard. The trousers I was wearing was a little tight at the waist and was struggling with the top button. I couldn’t hold it any more and pee in my pants. Now I am in big trouble I thought and went to the babysitter to tell her what had happen. She told me to get undress so she can wash the clothes. I took of my shoes and socks and my trousers. The babysitter looked at me with big eyes and ask me why I was wearing girls underwear I was just standing there with embarrassment. After looking around in cupboards and draws she told me there was nothing for me to wear. The babysitter looked at a bag that was standing in the corner of the room and picket it up. In the bag was some extra clothes of the girl because she sometimes over night there when her parents work late. She threw the clothes out on the bed and I saw the dress, a pair of pink panties, shoes and socks. I have tried to see if by any chance maybe there were some pants in the bag, but nothing.
It was like I could read her mind, I protested I told her I am not going to wear that dress and I started to cry. The babysitter grabbed me by the arm and forcefully pulls the dress over my head. I was kicking and screaming while she was trying to get me in to the panties till she gave me three slaps on my behind. I calm down and let her finish dressing me. There was a moment when I looked at the girl for help but she was just staring at me. To make matters worse she started teasing me and told me what a beautiful girl I am. She gave me the girls doll and told me to go play house with the girl.
The babysitter later got frustrated with me crying and threw me out the front door. I was really scared because the two blocks of flats was facing each other and the children can all share one court yard to play in. But lucky for me there was no one playing in the court yard I thought, my eyes were blurring of crying. I was hammering on the door and pleaded her to open the door. Eventually she opened the door and asks me if I am going to be good I said yes and she let me in.
For the rest of the day I was just sitting there like a sweet little girl waiting for my clothes to dry. Later that day the babysitter change me back in to my own clothes. A half an hour later my aunt came to pick me up to go home. I didn’t tell her about my accident.
Later that evening while laying in bed I couldn’t understand my feelings because I liked the way the clothes felt on my body, but why was I so scared and angry at the babysitter, was it because she dress me in front of the title girl.

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I fell bad for u no one should go through that

Delightful story

Great story. I had a similar type happen to me. Tell me more?

Well I kind of feel that maybe you were just a bot who liked to wear girls clothes. I say that cause I'm a girl who still believes she is a girl who loves to wear boys clothes. As a child I had more guy friends then girl friend and I like to play touch football and do boyish things but I still thought of myself as a little girl and still wanted to be called cute every now and then without having to be in a dress

Thursday, 23 August 2012, @ 11:13 AM<br />
Hey wandacom,<br />
<br />
I soooo sorry that babysitter forced you to wear a dress.<br />
<br />
I too was forced to wear a dress. But this was done by my mother & older sister. I don't know how old you were. I guess if you had a babysitter you had to have been at least under age 12.<br />
<br />
How are you doing? Do you sometimes or all the time wear dresses. If you do, that's OK with me. As long as YOU ARE comfortable with it. I never judge nor criticize anybody who wants to dress differently. <br />
<br />
In my case, I was age 12 (maybe 11) in 1964, when my mom & sis made me wear dresses, including everything underneath and the makeup. And I was just starting into puberty. The girly dressing-up lasted until I was age maybe 15 (in 1968) maybe even older. I really don't remember how old. But it screwed my head up big time. I had been also sexually abused & even raped (by 3 older guys) while I was a teen, and all this, plus the my mother dressing me up in girly clothes, caused me to developed a Gender-Identity-Disorder. Although I don't wear women's clothes anymore -( I also used wear pink nail polish on fingers & toes) - I still have problems & go to a therapist. I also have to wear only women's underpants, due to my mom dressing me as a girl, but also had to do with some sadistic physical abuse she did to me.<br />
<br />
Because you wrote your story here, you encouraged me & inspired me to write mine. <br />
But I'll be posting it under the EP Group. "I Was Forced to Wear a Dress." <br />
I'm entitling it: "...then I did the math, and was horrified with the results!!!"<br />
<br />
Thanx wandacom for your great story. I rated it up 1. <br />
<br />
Appreciatively, Heathland {:-{)><br />
From North Carolina, USA

ha ha you little girl

Danny come here, mum said, you dress like a boy but you behave like a little girl so from now on you will be dressed as a girl and treated as one, get in the car she said , we are going shopping. so she took me into the girls section of a chirldrens store and told the assistant that she wanted a complete outfit for an 8 year old girl starting with little girls knickers, The woman brought out a six pack of pink pretty frilly ones that had little bows on them and another pack<br />
off varius colours, I shalll have both mum said as a little girl cant have to many knickers, now some dresses she asked, he will need a few of them, very pretty short ones mum said , with lots of lace, and some ribbons for his hair, there Danny she said, no, we cant call you that now, it better be Danella I think. Now lets get to the hair dressers to style it of a little 8 year old girl and we will stop at the toy shop to get me a dolly to play with as no little girl is complete with out her dolly, she told me not to run to fast as I dont want to let the boys see my knickers when my dress blows up, but mummy I asked, how long am I going to be a girl, forever sweety she replied, forever. you are going to love being a little girl, think of all the fun you will have playing with all the other little girls.

Lovely story, with all the key elements ....thanks for sharing it!

Wonderful. We need a million stories to encourage turning boys into girls.

Wonderful article, thank you for sharing. Did she ever dress you again?

Hi there. Claire1965 the way you felt is exactly how I feel. I am only 16 but for a long time I have felt different I don't like to play football or wrestle. I don't like to get dirty or shout and get loud. I think the only rough thing I like to do is Martial Arts. Of course I watch war movies, fighting movies, football(rarely), wrestling(also rarely), and boxing but I don' like to do this stuff. I always love to watch romantic and sad movies. I have also felt different because I understand how people feel, I care for others, can't stand when others are messed with, and I will be there to help someone if they are crying. (that also depends on the situation there is a difference between helping a little kid in a store crying because he doesn't get what he wants and some one just crying because someone hurt them.)

We are very similar.I also cry very easily watching sad movies.I hate violence.I feel so content wearing womens clothes.
You sound a really nice person and have accepted who you are at an early age.
Claire xx

Can we become friends?
Claire xx

I have been forced by dates to shave my legs,arms,fingers and hands.I was then dressed as an innocent schoolgirl in the schoolgirl uniform complete with knee socks plus having make up on.Totally embarrassing.

I love it when that happens to me!


What happened to you, was very similar to my introduction to wearing girls clothes, although I was not forced.If you read my story its so close.<br />
Me being dressed in girls clothes didnt make me a crossdresser, it just 'lit the fuse' of what was already there.<br />
I always knew I was different to regular boys, I was much softer, more feminine and always loved the way girls looked.<br />
I told my wife about Claire before we were married and she accepts her.Claire was difficult to come out when the kids were at home but now they are gone Claire is more active.<br />
I wear womens clothes all the time even in male mode, womens tops,jeans,undies,socks and trainers.I know some people realise but I am at the stage where if they dont accept me as an individual its their problem not mine, I am who I am.At home its dresses and skirts all the time, with lovely nighties at bed time.This all makes me feel sooooooo good.<br />
Love Claire xx

Thank you Melodie13 that was exactly how i was feeling. I always thought there was some thing wrong with me, thats why i have not told any one.

U look like a good looking gurl to me, don't be ashamed about wearing girls clothes. U need to get out on the town with your looks.