Girlfriend Made Me Her Little Girl

I was dating this girl in College and Halloween was quickly approaching. We were trying to figure out costumes for us to wear. One night I made a comment about how it was easier for girls to put together a good costume then guys. so she said "well then why dont you dress up like a girl?" After a little convincing and some promises I agreed and we decided to go the next night to her parents to sort through her old clothes.

We played dress up for a couple of hours. I tried on a number of dresses and skirts and her old Dorthey costume and nothing seamed to work well. Then she got an evil grin on her face and said "if this next dress fits you you have to wear it. Ill take care of buying everything else you need t o go with it." I said I would think about it and she pulled out the dress. It was red with white lace around the hem of the skirt, the arms and a round white coller, the sleaves were poofy and the skirt came to my mid thigh. She clapped her hands and giggled happily, I looked in the mirror and thought I looked rediculous. I smiled and said. "well to bad it doesnt fit" but she she responded that it fit perfectly and if I wore it she would find her old school girl uniform. (what is up with college guys and school girl uniforms) I of course caved right away.

She had me shave everything the night before Halloween (which was on a friday) and I met her at her apartment early the next morning. She was all ready for me. She told me to get undressed which I eagerly did and she led me to her bed room. Then she pushed me onto her bed. That was sort of when I noticed she had a cloth diaper laid out for me. I started to protest but her lips and hands stopped that quickly and I was all hers. She cleaned me up, diapered me pulled on some red plastic panties with white lace on the but and then put the dress over my head and buttoned up the back of the dress. She gave me some little socks with lace around the ankles and some black mary jane style shoes. after that she played with my hair (which was almost to my shoulders) and put it into pigtails with big bows and a light touch of make up on my face. when I looked in the mirror I was shocked. I could almost believe I was a 20 something year old girl dressed as a silly little girl.

I spent the day dressed that way and we went to a party at a friends. We had a great time and I only got a little bit teased but I got a liitle too drunk that night. On our walk home I got the sudden urge to pee and couldnt make it to any sort of privet place to take care of it. I soaked my diaper and almost burst into tears. My girlfriend took me by the hand and walked me back to her place. there she cleaned me up gave me a tee shirt to wear but insisted that I wear another diaper to bed.

I woke the next morning and realized first I had a wet diaper and then realized that I was wearing a pink hello kitty tee shirt. I started to get changed when my girlfriend woke and asked me what I was doing. I told her that I was putting my clothes on and that I was really sorry but I had wet the diaper I had been sleeping in. she said "Its ok little girls have accidents" she smiled at me and told me to lay down and he would clean me up again. I spent the day hanging around her apartment wearing a diaper a cordroy jumper my mary janes with my hair in pigtails
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2 Responses Nov 25, 2011

Which gender are you?I see clues saying it's male but then I has clues saying you're female so which is it?

Why did she have a supply of diapers and plastic pants? Did she also enjoy them?

You know, I never asked her. I always just figured she bought them for me along with the socks and shoes.
I was always the one who ended up in the diapers.