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Dressed By Girlfriend

It was acouple of months after we started dating.She wanted me to try on her stuff,her stuff was to small.After acouple more weeks i had told her about my dressing.I had some stuff,but no make-up.She said she would get things together for next time.When i picked her up for our next date she came out with a bag.She said go back to my house.In my bedroom she told me to ***** and get my bra,panties and hose on.Then she pulls out a pair of gray stretchy hot pants and a yellow tank-top.Then make-up.After getting dressed, she starts putting the make-up on.After afew minutes she was done and what a good job.She said lets go and that i wasn't expecting.Mom was in the livingroom so i was able to leave without her seeing me.I took my male clothes and out the door we went.After acouple hours it was time to go back and change.To my surprise she said to drive her home while still dressed.She said keep the clothes and i sure wore them again.She added to my collection later on.
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M 6 Responses Dec 6, 2011

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What a great experience that would be so much fun

It must have been nice being able to share your life with someone early on. xox

Lovely tale, I wish I had a friend like that when I was young

love your stories please add me as friend

I wish I could find a girl freind like that- living on a farm there is plenty of room for her and me to get me dressed in girls clothes <br />
<br />
lauren - but of course I am a guy

You have excellent taste in girl friends. Can you now apply your own makeup?