A Really Good Friend

I was in grade school maybe 8th grade. Me and my best friend went over to his girlfriends house(who was the hottest girl in school) where we hung out most of the time during summer. That day her parents were not home and we were bored so we tried to find anything to do we went swimming(i couldnt keep my eyes off of her in her bathing suit), rode our bikes, played basketball. Then we went back to her house. On our way back she wanted to race home on the bikes. She ended up winning and with winning she got to pick out what we did next.
She ended up picking that she would get to dress us like girls and we couldnt deny it. I was againist it at first so she decided that my best friend went first. Then it was my turn after.
It started with her trying to pick out what i was going to wear of hers and what i could actually fit into. My friend was in another room now watching tv while it was my turn. She did the make up first, which i hated the most. She went all out doing eye liner and curled my lashes and everything. Then came time for the thing i ended up loving. She made me wear her thong and bra. But she never left she stood right in front of me and wanted to watch and dress me threw it all. When it came time to lower my boxers i was nervous but she actually said "I have been waiting for this moment for a long time" She reached over and pulled them down quick, my **** bounced a little and started to point right out at her. She never took her eyes off of it. Then i started to get alittle hard and she giggled and tossed me her thong. It was green and white with a picture of life savers on the front. I stepped into it and started to pull it up and she was watching how it streched to try to fit around my balls and hardening ****. She told me i was wearing it wrong and walked up to me pulled the front down grazing my **** with her fingers and pulling the back up in between my *** cheeks and right up against my *******. Now i was rock hard. She wrapped a bra around my chest which barely fit and gave me some capris which were skin tight and you could clearly see my bulge threw them along with the outline of my **** head. with a pink polo shirt. She made us dress like this for a while and took pictures. then she undressed us. It was my friends turn first... which i could hear them *******. then mine. She took all my makeup off and helped me out of the capris and bra and when it came to the thong she put her thumbs in it and slid it down and picked it up. It was soaked in precum she pulled her hand away from her thong and you could see it string away. She said"wow someone is excited, maybe we should take care of that" But i was to chicken, i couldnt hurt my friend. So i said no but she did play with the precum in her hands rolling her fingers around in it seeming to be amazed by its slipperiness. She said ok and agreed that it would not be cool to hurt him so she decided to give me somthing to use for later and showed me all of her "private parts" close up first hand. She flashe her **** right in my face and then pulled her pants and thong down showing me her ***** and bending over sticking her *** in my face and spreading it. I have jacked it to that girl so many times.
jsharp9099 jsharp9099
22-25, M
May 19, 2012