Forced Crossdress

I am 14 years old and this happened at school. I had poured a bottle of water down a girl called morgan she got angry and went into the girls changing room at the start of lunch its usually a mad rush to get to the lunch hall as I was pushing my way threw the queue of people someone grabbed my bag and pulled me towards them I didnt struggle I thought it was one of my friends trying to get my attension it was lisa she said morgan wanted to talk to me I said after I get my lunch she said ok I will go tell her so after I had eaten I went looking for them I seen lisa next to the girls changing room looking at her phone I walked over to her and asked wheres morgan one of the bells ringed (at our hs theres 3 bells the club bell start going to class bell and class has started bell)this was the first bell most people went to clubs to not that many people were about I stood talking to lisa then keira came and said hi to us and went in the changing room lisa had put her phone away and then it beeped she took it back out and I asked who is it she walked into the changing room without saying a word I stood out side waiting for her then chloe came and 'accidentally' bumped into me I fell over and someone grabbed my bag and dragged me into one of the cubicals in the girls changing room then locked the door of the changing room what is not allowed because there is no key the cleaner locks it when he/she is cleaning the first person I seen was chloe who acts like a girly girl but she is a tomboy she grabbed my arm and pulled me up then (im still not sure who did this)someone put cellotape over my mouth morgan was sitting on my leggs(lisa pushed me over and I fell over chloes foot)and chloe was holding my hands behind my head morgan said to me her mom had to bring in another set of clothes then she said how would you like getting water all over you and having to be like that for all of school lisa pulls down my trowsers,shirt and takes off my socks and shoes leaving me in my boxers chloe spins me onto my belly and a releve of pressure from my legs morgan standing off me I felt my boxers being pulled down I thought I was going to be raped then something else rode up my legs feeling wet and very breezy when it stoped getting pulled up I was rolled back on to my back morgan qwickly jumped back on my legs I looked to see what they were it was a pair of wet illuminus pink thongs (V-string) then a pair of black tights followed by a short skirt a long stright blond wig with cellotape to keep it in place they started to do makeup shortly after they finished they forced me to look in the mirror and if I told any one there will be a second time the second bell rang one of them pulled down the skirt to my knees grabbed the thong (when ever I got the chance I was trying to break free) then chloe lifted me from the front all of them where trying to be quite then chloe let go of me I thought she was dropping me but some one had put the thong on a coat hanger giving me the biggest pain in my life lisa said what if it breaks morgan said hes I mean shes skinnyer than us then she whisperd in my ear and its alastic see you after school johnessa. We are still friends but every time I look at one of them they give me a weird look they took pictures and if I tell any one im ******
mystory6098 mystory6098
Sep 18, 2012