A Life Changing Moment

My girlfriend has been more than accepting of my crossdressing. Our relationship had evolved to a point where I was basically the feminine half and she the masculine half. The shift was subtle, but no less obvious. When we were together, I deferred to her judgements. When we had sex, she was the aggressor and always on top. She even referred to me as her girl.
Things took a major turn when I wanted to treat her to dinner for her birthday. I reserved a table at a nice restaurant and asked her to dress appropriately, (she was a jeans and tshirt kind of girl). I wore a nice shirt and pants and went to pick her up. She was still in her bathrobe when she answered the door and invited me in. She said I looked nice but... Well, but meant that I was going to have to change. And change I did. First I had to put on a pair of women's panties. This was not so unusual as I wore them often around her. Next I was given a satin cami shell, which was sort of like a sleeveless t-shirt. The slacks were of a women's cut, though with a men's look. Though the pockets could be seen, they did not open. My shirt was in actuality a women's blouse. On first inspection you wouldn't notice, except it buttoned up on the left side, and the cuffs had three buttons instead of the ususal one or two. I wore thin nylon socks and shoes with a one inch heel. And to top this all off, a touch of mascara, "to bring out" my eyes.
I waited patiently for her to get dressed. I was hoping to see her in an elegant gown, then I wouldn't feel so self conscious of my attire. Instead, she came out wearing slacks and dress shirt. Was is a coincidence that they were men's pants and shirt?  We went to dinner and had a great time.  She ordered for the both of us and flirted constantly with me.  Toward the end of our meal, she asked me a very serious question.
  "Do you wish you were a girl?"  I was kind of shocked by the question and worried that if I answered wrong I would loose her, so I said, "No."
  "Really?" she said.  "Because you dress like a girl, you act like a girl.  In bed you submit like a girl.  And you never object when I refer to you as a girl.  I would think you wanted to be a girl."
  She had me there.  I wasn't sure how to reply.  Everything she said was true.  Sheepishly I replied that she was right.  We made our way home after that confession, though it was a quiet ride.  At my house we made out like teenagers and eventually ended up in bed.  Several times she yelled out, "yeah, *****!" as we made love.  After, as I lay blissfully, she got up and went to my dresser.  She started to remove all my underwear, t-shirts and socks.  I asked her what she was doing and she said that I wouldn't be needing them anymore.  She said I was a girl and girls need girly clothes. "No, ***** of mine is going to dress like a guy," she said.  What followed was a change in my wardrobe.  Panties now fill my dresser, with bras and sockings and hose.  My jeans were now all women's jeans, my shirts now bouses.  Nothing too overtly feminine, but blouses none the less.
  My change in attire led to the loss of my job, but she took care of me. I clean her house to make some money.   Now I am looking for work dressed as a girl. 
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6 Responses Nov 28, 2012

How life changes at every step!

Fantastic! She is a Gem!!! Stay Feminine and Sweet for her!

Supportive G G's are the best.

Aren't you the lucky girl!

You have found a strange but very wonderful girl friend. How lucky can one be.
Is it still going well?

Wow. Your a lucky gurl to find a woman like that. I know they are out there.But they are rare and difficult find and trust someone to reveal our secrets. Angie..;-)