Convinced To Dress By My Sister-n-law

Over the holidays my sister-n-law came to stay with my wife and I. She found out about my cross dressing some time back by accident when my wife left our closet door open by accident. A few pairs of my shoes were on the floor and it was pretty obvious that they did not fit my wife.

On Friday after Thanksgiving my wife had to go in to the office to work because she had a report that was due on Monday morning and it needed to be complete. That left my sister-n-law and I to hang out together. Since I have to get up so early for work I take advantage of my days off to sleep in to at least 8am. Friday was no different. Around 7:45am I heard someone in the kitchen and decided to get up. I found Sandy fixing a cup of coffee and she asked me if I wanted breakfast. I said sure and told her I was going to get a shower. After showering and shaving I slipped on a pair of sweat pants and a long sleeve tee shirt. Until she said something it never even occurred to me that I was wearing nail polish on my toes. I totally forgot! Well the time had finally come for me to sit down and tell her everything. She told me she knew about the shoes and was curious to hear more. So, after breakfast I took her to my closet and let he see things for herself. She was pretty surprised by my wardrobe and asked me if I would try some things on for her. I told her I didn't think it would be a good idea but she kept insisting and got a little flirty with me.

She picked out the things and even did my makeup and wig. I got dressed in a pair of best Secrets In Lace beige full fashion nylons, white girdle, panties, and bra. I then slipped in to my black pencil skirt, white satin blouse, and black 5.5" stiletto heel pumps. When I walked in to the room she almost fell out in dis-belief! She had me walk around and model for her and told me that if she passed me on the street she would never have known it was me she was looking at! I ended up in the closet changing in to different outfits until well in to the afternoon. She got a total kick out of it as well.

Around 4pm I decided that I better get undressed and take a shower to wash off the makeup and perfume before my wife got home. Little did I know that before the weekend was out I would once again be the center of a fashion show only this time my wife would be there. Stay tuned!
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2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

Great story cannot wait to read the next one

Sounds like a very understanding family your wife has.