Convinced To Dress By My Sister-n-law Part Ii

My wife got home around 6pm and Sandy and I were in the kitchen cooking when she walked in the house. I told Sandy I could handle things so she and my wife got a drink and went in to the living room. Around 7pm we ate dinner and they helped me clean the kitchen. My wife went to take a shower and Sandy and I fixed another drink. After showering my wife joined us and we kicked back in conversation. So my wife asked us what we did all day and I almost spit up my drink when Sandy responded that I modeled some outfits for her! My wife was like, oh really? With that Sandy proceeds to tell her everything. Strangely my wife did not seem too surprised then turned to me and asked me why did I change back to my regular clothes. I told her that I didn't want her to get upset and her reply was, "why would I get upset, were you guys being naughty?"

The next thing you know they are both in the closet going through my things so I could change back in to one of my pretty outfits. My wife had me lotion and powder my legs before putting on my stockings. This time my wife helped with doing my makeup which she is very good at. Sandy picked out a pretty pink blouse and matching skirt for me to wear. For shoes she chose my white 5" heel ankle strap sandals. After finishing my wig and makeup my wife went and got some jewelery and earrings to go with the outfit. She decided on pearls since I was wearing pink. Afterwards we went to the bedroom where I put on the clothes. I was once again in my white satin panties and white girdle and bra. Sandy watched as I carefully slid the nylon stockings up my legs and attach them to the garters on the girdle. I then put on a white slip, my skirt, and the blouse. My wife put the pearl necklace around my neck and fastened it and then handed me the pearl earrings. Then they stood back and admired their work. Next, my wife had me go to the living room so she and Sandy could get changed. Around 45 minutes later they walked in the room and took a seat on each side of me. Sandy is pretty close to the same size as my wife. She is about three inches taller but also around 10lbs lighter than my wife. My wife was wearing a grey sweater dress with grey stockings and her black knee high leather boots. Sandy was wearing my wife's sexy black dress with black stockings and a pair of black pumps.

Needless to say the effect from the alcohol, the silky clothing I was wearing, and the fact that I was sitting on the sofa beside two beautiful ladies was taking effect on my now stiffening erection which started to show through my skirt. I tried to change positions in an attempt to hide it but it was no use. The next thing you know my wife wants me to stand up and model. I just smiled and tried to talk my way out of it but it was no use. Sandy gets up and then takes my arm to pull me up. Well, if no one had noticed before they were noticing it now! Not only that but now I had a small wet spot showing on my skirt! My wife responds first by saying, looks like he is a little excited! Sandy smiles and said that I should be! I was so embarrassed and started to walk out of the room when Sandy stopped me and told me to sit back down. When I sat down my wife took her hand and slid my skirt up over my panties. Sandy took her seat back beside me. My wife then proceeds to start kissing me on my neck and rubbing her hand on my silky wet panties. Sandy then takes her hand and starts slowly caressing my stocking leg. I leaned back against the sofa and let out a slight moan as I closed my eyes. My wife then slipped the panties down below my balls and took my **** lightly in to her hand. She slowly rubbed it up and down as she licked and kissed my neck. I then felt Sandy's hand fondling my balls. This continued for a few minutes at which time I felt them switch and Sandy began rubbing me while my wife rubbed my balls. Needless to say it didn't last very long before I started to ***. Just as I did Sandy took my **** in both hands stroking with one hand while the other cupped the head in her palm. I shot my load right in her hands as my wife watched. Sandy continued to rub me and by this time I was so sensitive that I was bucking wildly on the sofa. Then, as quickly as it had started it was over. My wife got up and walked to the bathroom to get a wash cloth. She came back to clean me off while sandy went to wash her hands. My wife told me to pull up my panties and then they both sat back down like nothing had happened!

Stay tuned for part three!
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Wow what I lovely understanding wife you have

hot story would have loved to been there with you

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