Convinced To Dress By My Sister-n-law Part 3

The three of us were sitting on the sofa and my wife offered to get up and get us all another drink. As she walked in to the kitchen Sandy leaned over and rested her head on my shoulder and laid he hand against my leg. She then slid her fingertips down and up my thigh and said that my legs really felt good. My wife returned and sat back down and we continued talking and sipping our drinks. As we finished them my wife once again got up and took our glasses to the kitchen. Upon returning she asked me to come to the bedroom with her because she wanted to talk. Not knowing what to expect I followed her to the bedroom and she closed the door behind us. Once in the bedroom my wife had me sit down on the bed and asked me straight out if her sister turned me on. I told her I would be lying if I said no and with that she begins to tell me that ever since her sister found out about my cross dressing that she has been curious to know what it was like to be with one sexually. My wife tells me that if I wanted to do it she would not be mad at me however this would be a one time thing and it would not be discussed after tonight!

Now I know my wife acts like a little angel but she has a dark side as well. She is one of the few women that I know that gets turned on watching someone else having sex. She once let one of my old high school female friends give me a hand job while she watched. She also had sex with one of her college boyfriends while he was in town on business. She didn't hide it from me and in fact when she removed her pantyhose and panties there was so much *** in her it was running down her leg!

So I agree and she calls her sister in to the room. We all three remove our clothes with exception of our lingerie and are lying in the bed together with my wife behind me and her sister in front. Sandy leans forward to kiss me and our lips meet softly. For several minutes our tongues glide against one another and I take my hand and start caressing her breast. Sandy lets out a little moan and then takes my tongue deep in to her mouth. I then feel Sandy sliding her leg over mine and I roll over in order for her to lay on me. We are kissing and rubbing against one another and at this point my wife is now watching. Sandy then starts kissing her way down until her mouth is at my thighs. Before she can get any further I decide that we should arrange ourselves in order for me to get in to position to return the favor. I carefully spread her legs and pull her panties to the side exposing the most beautiful moist ***** I have ever seen. When my tongue slides across her **** she totally loses control and her hand grabs my head and pushes it tighter against her. At the same time she takes her other hand and grabs at my panties pulling them down and exposing my now hard ****. With in an instant she has my entire **** in her mouth and swallowed in to her throat. It takes every bit of control I have not to *** right then because this girl has talent! This goes on for around ten minutes and the next thing I know she is on top of me and directing the wet head of my **** in to her tight wet *****. When it slides in I can not believe how tight it feels. As she rides me I can feel he muscles tightening around my shaft in pleasure. It only takes moments and she explodes in an ******. She is now so tight that she is actually pushing me out of her! I grab he waist and direct her back down on to me. As she is riding me I take my stocking legs and rub them against her. This only gets her more excited and she is now yelling for me to **** her harder. With that I roll her over and get on top. I lift her legs and put them over my shoulders and drive me **** inside her hard and fast! She is now screaming for me to **** her harder and I continue to thrust in and out with a quickening pace. She **** over and over repeatably all the while my wife is watching and now rubbing her own ***** in excitement. Finally after not being able to take it any longer I feel my **** begin to release the thick hot fluid that has been building in my balls. As I explode I feel her **** tighten. My **** is throbbing in motion with her pulsating muscles that are sealing me inside her and milking me of everything I have! I release her legs that were pinned down by my shoulders and she wraps them around my back preventing me from pulling out. She then starts kissing me once again and within minutes I am once again hardening inside her. This goes on until we both collapse in to each others arms. At this point we are laying together and rubbing our silky bodies together. She tells me that in all of her years that she has never been so turned on and wanted to thank me for making this the best evening she has ever had!

About an hour later we get up and take showers and my wife and I crawl in to bed. Sandy goes to the guest bedroom. For the remainder of the weekend no one spoke of what happened and even after her leaving that Sunday my wife has not said one word! As promised, except for telling this story I have kept quiet as well!
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Wow ! Very hot story ! Thanks for the ****** !!

Wow, loved your story. I am a closet dresser, my wife won't accept me as a cder. I would love an experience such as you described. Do you dress around your wife frequently? I am retired and my wife still works so I dress in women's wear all day, but put my boy stuff on before she gets home.

What a great story,loved it

Jayne xx