The Day I Became A Woman

I was 16 and had a massive crush on Stacy she was 19 and hot . One night i went to a party and she was there, I plucked up enough corrage to ask her for a dance and she looked at me in a sexy naughty way and said lets go to hers , I was made up finally alone time with Stacy , we got back to hers then she change, ***** off she orrded me , I willingly obeyed her then she draged me to her room she pulled some duck tape out and tucked my balls and **** away then taped them up sh thenn orded me to put a pair of her nickers and a bra which she padded out with tissue , she then glued false eye lashes on and false nails, she then selected a sexy womans outfit and made me put it on . she placed a womans wig on my head and applyed make up to my face , painted y false nails then made me slip on a pair of high heels. I loved the feeling , she made me walk around her room untill i got used to the heels , then she took me by suprise and orded me to get on my hands and nees on the bed, which i did, then she cufed my hands to the head board one ether side, then she cuffed my ancles to the bed one etheir side, so i was dressed as a woman , feelig lie a sexy woman and cuffed to a bed. Stacy left me for a bit then come back in the room wearing he biggest strap on ive ever seen, she lubbed me up, I was dreading it but wanting it at the same time. She positioned herself behind me and slowlly entered me , It felt fucing boss, she slowlly forced her strap on deep inside me and slowlly pullled it out she done this for a while then BANG she pounded me really hard and fast ramming it all the way in . I FUCKEN LOVED IT . I was a female **** getting my ****, she pounded me for about an hour uncuffed me and told me to leave. I didnt know what to say or do i just went home , but all i could think about was being a woman and getting ucked hard and fast , she never spoke about it to me but she made me who i am today
hornydevil2710 hornydevil2710
Jan 5, 2013