My Nannies Dressed Me!

When I was Age 5 my nannies Dressed me as a little girl! It was a crazy year My daddy left us to be with someone else! He had a office assistant that he thought was better than us! He didn't want me because I was a terribly bad little boy! He told my mum that I don't want that f''' up of a kid! I was a problem child at 5 I was kicked out of 4 different Schools! After Daddy left us mummy moved to my grandma's Estate My grandpa had died the year before and grandma had trouble with the business so my mum went to work and I went on a terror! My mum started turning the business around! I was a nosey kid and heard more than I probably should have! I watched my mum become a very strong woman! I wanted to be just like her! I thought I want to be like her. over the next week I kept thinking about my mum! So I told my nannies I wanted to be a little girl ! They asked my mum and she said sure! She was at her wits end with me! 2 of them went shopping while the others got terrorized by me! My hair was long already because I don't let them cut it so when my nannies came back they had the frilly stuff clothes So soft and tingling I was so happy when I looked in the mirror! Pigtails yellow ribbons pretty yellow dress with frilly slips white stockings and black flats with a strap shoes! My personality changed that day! I was so relaxed I wasn't full of the rage that I had been it was so weird to me but I liked it! My mum & grandma said he will grow out of it! But were so happy with me! My mum tried to get me into School but the local schools would not let me wear girls clothes to school! I tried as a boy but got removed from the School for stabbing the boy next to me with a pencil! They asked me why I stabbed him, I said because I saw him pull the ponytail of the little girl in front of him!they said that I can't do that!I said it was Easy! I picked up a pencil and said let me show you! Who wants to be Stabbed? So I was home schooled by teachers instead! Dressed as a little girl calm as could be! Doctors said he will grow out of it! So did mum and grandma! But Fifty years later I'm still Daily Dressing as a woman with out rage! No stress low blood pressure and so Calm and happy! A doctor that I had tried to tell my mum that that was not right! So I was dressed as a girl and hooked up to machine! The readings where normal! They put me in boys clothes after giving me some pills that made my sleep! My readings where crazy! So they said he'll grow out of it! Well I'm still wearing women's clothes all day and night! The last time I had male clothing was when I was Age 18! I was arrested for assault! I beat up 3 boys who laughed at me cause I was wearing a Boston Red Sox T-shirt! I was in New York City ! This is my true story of my life! It's not pretty but it's mine! P.S. before you ask I love women! People believe me to be a woman as I work, play,& do everything as one! At work I've been hearing that they think I'm a Lesbian because I don't go out with guys! But not one person ever thought I was a man! Only the few people who really know me know who I am ! They all love me for me as I am!
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Interesting story, and a strong case of gender dysphoria when dressed as a boy. But the way over use of an exclamation mark after every sentence shows some sort of imbalance still exist in your emotions or are unable to tell what is regular information vs that which needs emphasis. But again, thanks for sharing.

I started dressing up as a girl when I was 17. I didn't have a family that supported me for who I was.. Please read my story to get to know me further..