School Play-I

I was in my final was just the starting of our we were having our school play..n i wasn't participating..we(me n my 2 best buddies;1 mentioned in my previous story) were just hanging at the back of our school's groung hiding in the bushes sharing a cigratte..n watching a bunch of our school's girls at the ground stage rehersing on a song..2 techers were there(that's y we were hiding not a bunch of girls can scare us) was only one maam.she was our P.E. Teacher n very strict n rude..she cud be very abusive while beating u..n nobody can even coming back to our ''incident''..
we were just peekin there n suddenly one of my friend shouted on the girls..nd b4 i cn understand anythng both of them started running..n i was there,stupidly standing in the bushes totaly struck 4 a sec..n i started to run as fast as i cn to the boundary wall..suddenly some b***h i dnt knw how recognised me n shouted my name..i kept the scary voice of tha m***er f***ing teacher rang in my ear bell..n i stopped..or froze u cn say..praying to god..
she came running to me nd caught me by my neck,dragged me in the middle of the ground and gave me 6 hard slaps(aftr that i 4got the counts)abusing me in every dirty way she could..she asked me to kneel on the middle of stage till school goes out..n to meet her b4 i leave the school after hrs..

in the evening i went at her office in our gym..she was sitting there with that b***h who actualy had catch me..n there i was again..humiliated,crushed in every sense..they both looked at me my knees were throbbing in pain..i mentally made a note to teach that ***** a lesson..but,with my luck..revenge is impossible..
miss P.E. had already had a plan 4 evrything..
amandaperkins amandaperkins
22-25, M
Jan 11, 2013