School Play-ii

but,with my luck..revenge is impossible..
miss P.E. had already had a plan 4 evrything..
First she lectucred me about girls n their honour for 10 min..even i was listening to her with tear in my eyes and my head bowed down..i was constantly staring at the smilng b***ch..nd my teacher caught me again,nd there it was she took 1 bat and gave me hard hit on my was something that i can never 4get..then she asked me to remove my shirt..i thought she wanted to c if there is any scar or not,i said im f9 mam jus plz lemme go,and BANG once again this tym on my knee,i did'nt said nethng then and threw my shirt off..wearing nothin on the top..watching the ******* grinn spreadin..then out of all odds she threw one towel to the *****..abusing her on her grin,told her to remove all her inerwares..she said''maam u can't do this..i will complain.''
''SLAP''came one right on her face..n she caught bitche's hair..n said''do as i say or u n ur slutty sister both will pay.Give ur bra and panty to this *******.''
I was stunned,n even thinkin of running of their..enough was enough,bt pathetic horny me..she started unbuttoning her shirt n i thought''humiliated enough..y not enjoy a gud eye candy'' she put off her shirt and while keepin herleself wrapped,she threw her bra on me..whereas ''I'' the horny mastrmind took the bra tryin to feel ashamed started strapping my self cudnt hook the our dear m***r f**king teacher asked the ***** to hook me up bt after giving her panty to me,the b**ch threw a dirty look me..n ''I''the actor throwing shameful innocent look..just turned my back..n started unzipping my pant nd sloly pulled down my undie to my thighes..n i stoppd there 4 a while showin her my firm buttocks,waited 4 her to hook me..then i slowly bent down..
amandaperkins amandaperkins
22-25, M
Jan 11, 2013