School Play-iii The Final Chapter

n i stoppd there 4 a while showin her my firm buttocks,waited 4 her to hook me..then i slowly bent down,Showing her my tiny little hole..and my brownish red ball(shaved 2 days earlier)nd my slightly erecting penis just were stuck behind my both a ladies a full view..i don't know y(at that tym only,idiot me)maam asked me to stay that way..and stand on the talble and asked (now my) b**ch to remove her skrit nd only to wrap the towel around her..and get on the table and help me wearing the there we are she slipped her pink satin panties in my leggs rolld it over my smooth thighs nd streched it to fit on my waist..n i was totaly erect now.i cn say that the atmosphere went pretty humid at that time when she slipped her 2 fingrs in my crack,toching my tiny hole for more than 5 seconds pressing me very gently at the spot,while adjusting the cloth stck in my butt cheek..her fuming breath on my d*ck..lookin at my deep naval..i bet it turned on the teacher coz i saw her watchin us open mouthed,breathin heavily,her ample bossoms going up and down..watchin 2 teenagers..1 boy with slim n toned figure standin in d middle of the room,in pink satin bra n panty with a hardon,tryin to tear down the only thing thats holding his manhood very beautifully..n a hot girl wrapped in a towl takin evry scent of his manhood..forgotten that her bent has totally exposed her cute pink smile with a brownish dot on the upway..her knott has lost its rigidity causing the towl to slide down jst enough to show her sideways totally..but she was a teacher..wid sum a**hole DIGNITY..asked us to get down 4m d table,n get our horny bodies out..n on our way out she called us n said ''u both have had ur punishments for ur crimes.Never-ever speak of it out there..or u knw me!!''
the days have passed by n no 1 else has known..
amandaperkins amandaperkins
22-25, M
Jan 11, 2013