By An Agreement!!!

When i was thirteen i had a friend named sarah. She wasnt the most popular girl, and she didnt care. In the beginning of eight grade she started to dress and act differently so i asked her what was wrong? She said she didn't know. I then asked her if she would like to hang out this weekend, like the old times? She was a little reluctant but agreed. Saturday came and i went over there, we went to the base ment. After an hour we got kind of bored so i asked had she ever wondered what it was like to be a boy? To my suprise she said yes, so i had a change of clothes. But before this i went upstairs and told her mom i was giving her a boy makeover! she sounded excited, so she came down and saw her daughter in a t shirt and khackis. Plus she cut her hair short like ear lenghth. Sarah was so embaressed she said this is not funny!!!!!! Thats when her mom chimed in and said well maybe you should give him a girl makeover? They both agreed, her mother ******** me down and made me wear panties and a bra, they put on eye liner, mascara eye shadow, lipstick, and nail polish. I wore multiple outfits including black leather pants with 5'' inch heels, and a pencil skirt too! To make things worse her mom laughed and took a photo. She had me sit on her lap while she styled my hair. My girl name was christine! This is a 100 percent true stroy too.
sylsal sylsal
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you're one lucky dude

You should have kept going back, maybe her mother would have had you dress up as a girl all the time over there! You could have been her substitute new daughter.

ohh well i almost was my mothers new daughter because sarahs mom showed my mom the photo!!!!!