My Long Feminization Story

Hi, first at all, you have know that this is 100% real, this truly happened, you have to know that i'm a white skinned person and thin too, but you may also know what happened before, so here it is.

I was always a boy with a veery cute face, well, in my teenage my nose grew up a little bit, but i'm talking about my childhood, so i better don't jump in the story. Anyways, i always knew this of my face, but i decided to not being one of those guys who make women faint just with a wink, or one of those who think that can do everything he wants because he is handsome, i mean, one of those guys who gets drunk or has sex or smokes at 14 years old. Actually, i hate those people.

Yeah, i decided all this when i was a little child, and i know it sounds strange, but i have an IQ higher than the comun, much higher than the comun, so i think i couldmake that decision at that short age, because of that and because my dad left my mother and me when i was born. My mum and me, live in gramma's house, we are not rich, my mum can't buy a house, but in gramma's, we have the neccessary stuff to live. Gramma had sisters, and those sisters are mum's aunts, so i call them my aunts too. Gramma has also brothers, and one of those, 10 years younger than gramma, has 2 daughters, with 10 years of diference.

Well, now you know what you have to know for understanding what comes next better.

When i was 3, i knew a lot of things, mum always worried about that thing of knowing the difference between good stuff and bad stuff. One day, i saw my mother making her make-up. 20 minutes later she found me applying myself lipstick, she didn't get worried about the fact that i was a boy and i was using lipstick, she worried when she saw all my face was dirty, because we were going out to buy fruits. She cleaned me, and we went out.

One year later, i found me alone in the house, well, not alone, my mum was in the mall and y gramma was slept, i wanted to go to my bedroom, but i went to kitchen because i wanted a bit of water. I climbed the dishwasher, and took the glass, but before i filled it with water, i saw the bag of dirty clothes (washing room is next to the kitchen) and, with no reason, i got closer to it, and started to dig. Then something felt soft, and i took it out of the bag. Were panties (my mother never liked those panties that are reaaaally thin, so she always bought panties that didn't get inside her butt, but she doesn't buy girl boxers, so i hope you know which panties im talking about). I remember those panties, green, with white and pink strips on it. I had them 10 seconds im my hands, and in a second, i had my pants and underpants off. I thought: "it's cold here" y legs were shaking. So with brave in my legs, y took those panties and put them on me. They were too big, offcourse, i was like 1 m and mum like 1,69 m, but the rubber (i dont know if that is the way to say it in english) inside the panties made the possible to stay on me. My, let's say, little man down there was very small then, so i felt my, balls hanging and that just the tip of my litlle man was touching the panties. "Too big" i thought, and took them off and dropped them to the bag.

Like one or two years later (i think i was like 6 years and six months) one of my "aunts" (Not my mother, not my dad have brothers or sisters) came to visit us, she is like 2 months older than my mother, or 10 months younger? i don't reember, so let's just say she is same age of my mother. She came to a visit, and in the night, mum and gramma were in the 1st floor of the house, and my aunt and me were in the 2nd one, exactly, in my mother's room (I forgot to say, that my mother got pregnant of me at 18 years old, she has no more sons or daughters), there was nothing good on the tv, and i was bored.
"I'm bored" i said. My aunt looked at me and said: "A lot?"
-Yes-i said.
-Really?-she replied.
-Yeah!-i said getting a bit angry.
-Humm what if we play a game.
-A game? well, if it makes this boring dissapear-i said in a very boring tone.
-Yeah, it's realy funny, but you have to do anything i tell you.
-Well i have always thoght that you mother has very cute clothes, so it could look good at you, let me try you some.
-Uh?-I remembered that time, one or two years ago when i triend in some panties-well i said yeah already.
-Yes, this is gonna be very funny, dont worry...- she opened mum's closet-oh, i forgot everything is too big for you, so lets just use tight things. Arms up!
-Yes, that's right.-she took my shirt off.
-Hey-I remembered where we were- what if my mum comes here?
- You don't want that she know what we are doing? oh... well, if she comes up i take everything and put in in the closet fast.
- Oh, that could work, but what about MY clothes, if she comes here will she see me naked?
-Argh, well, so then i supose i will have to dress you with your clothes on, but let the shirt there- she took a blue bra and put it on me, with me white t.shirt on.-sit down and open your legs-i was like a woman when she is having a baby, and in that position she putted blue panties on me, they really looked strange, because i still had my pants.
-Hum-I didn't feel the bra and the panties, because my underwear was under to it, plus, i didn't like how i looked, so she dressed me again, and putted the female clothes in the closet. The visit ended the next day.

After that day, i never thought about female clothes again, well not until i was 9 years old.
In my school, there was a guy 2 and a half years younger than me, that was the grandson of the owner of the school, so, he was one of those guys i hate, and it was like if the boss was him, and not his gramma, yeah, and he was 7 years old. We hated each other, but iknew that it is a bad ffeeling so i just ignored him when he said me stupid or anything.
One day, it was his birthday, and his parents (with his gramma's cash) were decided to spend 1 million dollars in that party, but they said him that it could be just if there were 10 persons in the party. He didn't have a lot of friends, he was very stupid, well, he still is, im sure he is gonna end as one of those very fat, drunk and ugly guys, but not like Homer Simpson, he loves his family anyway. So there were 5 persons in the party, he started to get angry, and decided to invite the girls of 10 years old of the school (it was a primary school, it was just to 5th grade) and then he found that there were only 9 persons in the party, so as he didn't know another person, he invited me. And i accepted, just because he started to cry a lot, and i knew that if you make what a baby wants when it starts to cry bagging for something, the babies become stupider, so i thought, "hehehe" and said him "yeah, i will go" i was laughing in my mind, but then i heard him saying "so stupid" for himself, yeah, i have a good ear.
He didn't know how the party was going to be, so he surprised when his parents contracted one of those "party-guys". Than clown was good, he made great jokes and good magic tricks, also, he pruposed good games. He said: "here comes the last game kids" we got sad, plus, he had never choosen me for a previous game, so if i didn't play in this one, i wold go home with no fun. The parents said the boythat he had to see a doctor or something, i dont know, but he had to leave his own party, but it didn't finish until the last game...
-I need boys and just boys, sorry girls-clown said.
-Me!-i screamed, very happy-
- Okay boy come here-i was very happy, then i saw another guy going at my side-Well, i see we have 4 girls, so you- he touched the other guy- go with them-he pointed 2 of the girls-and you-he touched me- go with them-he pointed the 2 girls that were my friends, i got very happy because of that, and a little but because they were the preettiest ones-You girls, have to dress your boys as girls, who make the best job, i mean, who make the preettier girl wins! so start!-i was shocked, but in 2 seconds they had me sitted down-You have 10 minutes!.
"Oh my god," i was thinking.
-What are we gonna do?-said one of them.
-I don't know, but lets do it fast, plus, we are gonna win, he has got a cute face.-said the other one, i said nothing.
-Well first at all let's go to the bathroom, maybe he is shy.
-Okay!-they took me to the bathroom-
-Okay, so i'll take my jacket off, and you?
-I willbring my bag, remember i always bring clothes for emergency.
-Oh yeah! that is gonna help us.
-Okay here it is, take him- she was beautiful, but strong, so she took my hands and chained me with her arms.
-Dont worry, i am just gonna take off you pants-she did, and saw my boxers-Oh my god, should we put him in panties?-"oh my" i thought.
-No, we have no time and ther are not gonne see them.
-Skirt or pants?
-It depends
-Look at them
-The skirt would be cute, but those pants are tight, and will make his butt look bigger-they laughed.
-Okay-She putted the pants on me-Oh my, he didn't need the pants, he has got beautiful legs!-It is true, in my teenage, i saw that i have my mother's legs, and my mother is really hot, so i had a big butt too.
-Oh yeah, boy you are hot!so will we put him in the skirt?
-Yeah offcourse-Then the clown said "3 minutes remaining"-Eh? better not, we have not too much time-She zipped the pants.
-We are lucky he is (i don't know how to say this in english) the same in height that us!-She was right, the two girls and me were like 1,40 m.
-Yeah, take his shirt off.
-Let's use this...
-Oh my! are you sure? it will be great!-the older one was getting her "chest" already, so she putted a bra on me.
-Okay, i take off my shoes.
-Oh and also your socks.
-We need to fill his bra.
-Oh yeah. Take my shirt too-There i was, i had those tight pants that made my feel my butt great, with black low heels, a bra, with a very well done boobies, well, for being made with socks, a cute pink shirt and a neckless that they used at the last minute.
"1 minute!" we heard the clown, so they looked at me.
-Oh no!
-Look at his face!-
-Oh.. he needs make-up.
-And hair! he has the body of a girl, but not the face!.
-Take this-she gave her a hair iron.
-Good-She started ironing my hair, i thought it feels great.
-No, let's just make his hair look longer-My hair was not very short, and it was smooth and brown.
-Done, his hair looks longer, Oh my, it's good he has a lot of hair-I had a "longer" hair, but they noticed i didnt have a femenine hairdo.
-Let's brush you-She did, and put on my hayr one of those hair accessories, in the part of my hair that is closer to my forehead, Then i noticed that meanwhile one of them was doing my hair, the other one had finished my make-up.
-You are ready, let's go.
I didn't know how i looked, but in the party room were a glass, the other girls had finished the other guy earlier, and he did look like a clothes crash, he had apples on his chest, that fell all the time, i touched my "boobies" , i had learnt why the bra was for, the socks were secure. His female hair was a shirt in his head, and he had the jacket of one of the girls.
The other guys were looking at him and laughing, he was laughing too, but when they saw me, anyone said nothing, i didn't know why, i saw in the mirror, and first, thought it was a window, and that a very preety girl was looking at me, then i noticed all the guys looking at me, i had this simple, but cute makeup and a simple, but good hair style, the clown was looking at my butt, and then he looked to my chest, i thought i was gonna win, but then he said, "this is not finished, you have to do another things, this is the part 1 of 3, so here comes the part 2, our new girls have to dance with one of the guys!". Then i noticed all the boys were looking at me, y think my cheeks got red, and 2 guys standed up, and started to walk to me, but one of them reached me first, and the other one had to go with the "crash" boy-girl. That boy was in a dance school, and the clown played a slow song, so, as i didn't know how to dance, he guided me, offcourse, i had the female role, in a moment, he saw that the other two guys were dancing better, and he took my waist, and hugged me, and told me "your head on my shoulder" i did, and he was taller than me, it looked like a couple in the prom party, when they play slow music. When my head was almost to be in his shoulde he said, "put your hands in my shoulders" and i did, my hans were in his shoulders, and my head in the left one, i closed my eyes and started moving my feet. The girls said "Awhhh, they are so cute" and then i remembered it was the part 2, what could the part 3 be? The clown stopped the music, and said "Now the big end!, you will have to model for us" I thought, oh my, but i remembered i like to see miss universe with my mum, i always liked when the judges asked one of the woman something and she gave them a stupid answer, but i wasn`t remembering thqt, i was remembering when the walk in their dresses.
The other guy modeled first, he did something really ordinary, he didn't look like a girl, he looked like a street dog with a lot of clothes on it, and then it was my turn, i walked with my hand in my waist, and then stopped, i smiled and winked to them, then i turned around, and walked moving my butt, for making everyone look at it.
Offcourse, i won, and the prize was cool, i got one of those packs with 10 hot wheels and i really dont know what the girls got. They dressed me as me again, and told me it was funny, that i should dress like that in halloween.
Yeah, i danced in a kinda romantic way with that guy, but, i'm not gay, i like women and i will always like women, but the image of the mirror followed me another year, then it dissappeared of my mind, but i had the remember that i looked good.

Like 3 years later, when i was in 7th grade i was like 12 years old, and i remembered when my aunt putted me in that bra, and i remembered i didn't feel the bra because i had my t-shirt on, i remembered i din't feel the bra in that party, i had the t-shirt too, and i remembered i looked goodd in the party, i also remembered i couldn't feel the panties at all because they were too big, so i thought, what if i...
I came back to the school, and i found me alone in house one day, completely alone, so i remembered all what i had thought and i got naked in 10 seconds, and started shaking a lot, not because the weather was cold, because of what i was going to do...
I entered i my mother's room, naked, and opened his closet, then i thought, "maybe she will notice it" so i looked around and i found a panties-bra combo that she had used the previous day, so, shaking, i took the bra and tried it on me, i couldn close it, it took me 3 minutes, but when it closed it felt great, i decided to not look the mirror before i used the panties, so i used them, and, it felt like the heaven, i felt how my balls fill perfectly, and my little man was very comfortable, i was the same height than my mother, so i was perfect.
I saw the mirror, and, i saw my thin body, in female underwear, i saw my chest, with no boobs with a bra, i didnt like how it looked, but i liked how it felt, then i saw my very femenine legs with panties, they could look sexy, but, my little man was visible, so i made my best to hide it, i pushed my balls inside me. and putted my little man in my butt, yeah, it had grown a lot, it was still visible when i saw the sides of my body, i didnt like it, but when i standed IN FRONT of the mirror, it was like if there was no little man, from my stomach to my toes, i looked like a super moder, very hot, and when i thought that something unknown to me happened, my balls got outta my body, and my little man was were it has to be again, but i started feeling in the heaven, and my little man started to grow, i thought i was sick, but no, now my little man was out of my panties, and when i touched it, it was harder that it is usually, yes, it was my first erection, i looked at my legs, and i liked how it looked, super hot legs, with a little man on the panties, i tried to cover my little man, and i could, just because the panties were very elastic, offcourse, it was covered buy the panties, but it looked like if a woman putted a stick inside her underwear. "I like this" i thought, i touched my man, and it felt great, it was like of he was asking me to keep touching it, but i didn't, i took off the underwear, and dressed as me again. Since that, everytime i could i took my mother's clothes (who uses clothes of very sexy and young women) and tred them on, well, her underwear.

One day when i was 14 years old, the younger daughter of gramma's brother, who is 1 and a half year younger than me, visited us with his dad. Mum and my "uncle" went out to the mall, and my gramma was in the first floor watching talk shows. My "cousin" (remember she is a girl) was in the 2nd floor watching her facebook, so i took a shower, and when i went out of the bathroom i heard "hey", it was my cousin. "I'm bored, wanna play something?". I said that i was wearing just a towel.
-And?-She said
-Well, i'm naked-I replied
-And what? it doesnt matter im your cousin, and im not gonna take your towel!
-Well, you look bored too
-Yeah, i have nothing to do
-Well, lets play truth or treat!
-Yeah i know it sounds stupid-she said in a sad voice-But it always gets fun in certain point-She said in a happy voice.
-Okay, you are right
-Just remember that i'm very hard in this game.
-I dont care, well, it's my turn, truth or treat?
-Truth-She said
-You really don't care i be in towel?
-No! i dont!, well here is the thing, if you say truth 3 times in a row, the next one has to be a treat, the same if you say treat 3 times in a row, you will have to say a truth ok?.
We played like 20 minutes, i always said truth, and i remember she made me lick the floor, but then...
-Truth!-i said
-you had choosen truth 3 times in a row, so now here is a treat, and you have choosen truth a lot, so i want to be harder...hmm...remember that if you say NO you will lose.
-Okay-The computer room was the invited room too, and for emergencies, my aunt had left some of her clothes in the closet of that room, she visited us a lot-So what is it?
-Take one of your aunt's scarfs and act like a gay boy.
-Oh my what the ****, i told you i didnt want to act gay style.
-Yeah... i forgot it, okay so let me think better-She stayed quiet 10 minutes-Well just give me some of your mom's clothes and let me choose which ones will you wear-, but just wear them, you dont have to act like a woman-I was like Oh my, this is a dream, and i gave her mum's clothes-You know what? surprise me.
I went into my room and started to look for something, i wore my male boxers, but i wore a bra too.
-Are you serious?-she said- is that all? no no, you have to do it better.
I had never wore more than underwear, but it was gonna be my first time, i got naked and took the dress that mum used for the new year, it was really cute, it was a soft dress, with golden and brown colors, with a big rock (of glass, but it looked like a diamond) un the stomach. I got outta my room.
-Oh, that's better-she smiled-but let me see, sit down-i did, she moved her hands to my shoulders and moved down the dres a bit-You have no bra-She said, then she took the skirt of the dress and pulled it up, I putted my hands between of my legs, just like Marylynn Monroe, plus, i let a girly short scream get out of my mourth, she looked at me and laughed-Don't worry-I moved my hands-She took the skirt and pulled it up, i dont know if she saw my little man, because she pulled it in a side-You have no panties, That is not okay, girls wear panties and bras, go and dress better.
I looked for another dress, this one was tight, red, and a bit shorter from the legs,, i zipped it, but i remembered i had no underwear, so i threw off the dress and wore a purple bra, and green sweet panties.
-I'm waiting!- She said
I came with my pink dress, she took my shoulder and saw i had bra, but she didnt look for panties. She touched my "boobs" with her whole hand and i started to feel my little man acting, and i thought oh my..
-You have bra, but you dont have boobs, girls have boobs, plus, that red dress would match with pantyhoose! go dress better.
-Okay, i said-I turned back, but i decided to look at my cousin a bit, i noticed that she was looking at my butt, i got happy about that, and took a pair of socks and used them as boobs, i also wore some black pantyhoose, and they felt like the heaven in my legs, that did my little man go hard, and i had to pull it down.
-Nice-She said- keep wearing those pantyhoose, your legs are not shaved, oh and lovely boobies. Well i think i don't like this at all, let me see you as a *****, i want to see you as a sexy babe and then the treat ends, oh, and wear some shoes.
I was very excited, i got naked again, but with my hands in my little man, it was almost to escape, i thought "sexy..something sexy, oh my this is gonna be wonderfull" Then i saw pink, with black borders satin panties that said i love you in the butt, they would look so hot in my hot legs, and i saw black pantyhoose with a sexy design, a pink bra with a lot of details, and then i saw one of those short shirts that pole dancers use, and i used all that, but i remembered she said shoes, so i used high black heels "oh thanks i have small feet" i thought. But then i say a problem, satin panties were so sexy that my little man was visible, i dont know why did i do this but...
-I have a problem-i said her
-What you cutie-i thought, oh my she thinks i'm pretty
-My panties are very sexy but, you know, i have.. hair down there.
-Dont worry, thats normal, girls have hair there-I thought i was dreaming
I came out of my room...
-Oh my-She said, i noticed she had her hand in her "little girl" well, in that place, on her pants, put she was moving her hand, like if she was excited.-Haha! you are so sexy,but there is a problem, you still look like a guy in female clothes, i mean, your head looks male. Give me your mom's make-up bag- i did, but walking in my high heels was a bit hard and i dropped it.-Take it, but, crouch like sexy girls do, and show me your ***-I did, and i felt excited-Oh my- she said moving her hand faster- You have the greatest butt i have ever seen-for some reason, there was a halloween wig in mum's bag, oh yeah, her costume of the last year included a wig-Take your hair-she made me wear the wig, and started to apply makeup, she started with lipstick, when she finished, i looked at me in the mirror, and she told me to cross my legs, i saw me, and i noticed that i was too hot, hotter than my cousin.Yeah, you are hotter than me i know-she surprised me and continued with my eyes, then my gramma said she was going to the 2nd floor. "Crap" I thought, but gramma first went to bathroom (of the 1st floor), and gramma uses a lot in the bath, i said my cousin "let's finish this fast" and my little man got harder.-Oh? something is trapped down there!-she laughed, and for my surprise, she told me to let "him" get outta there, "he" jumped, but pantyhoose were hiding "him", my cousin could just see it's shape in my satin panties, and i think my balls were visible, but not at all.-He is cute-she said, and ordered me to put some lipstick on "his head", that way she could see him (i didnt understand it) but then i lipsticked it, and let the "head" get out-Hi little boy!, you are so cute,-she said touching it with a finger, it got harder than ever.- Okay, your gramma is coming, stand up, okay so now model for me-i did, and not like the miss universe style of the party, i did it like the sexy ***** of a bar-You are so hot- she said touching my legs, she knew i was excited-Be a boy again, cutie girl- I became a boy again, and never forgot that experience, sice that i use more than underwear, much more...

Thank you for reading my really long story, i hope you enjoyed it, please comment and if there is any young girl who want to dress me in webcam or chat like a girl, please comment it, i realy wanna be commanded by a girl again. And don't worry, i still have my femenine legs and thin body, and i'm very young.
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No offense but your cousin is kind if weird other than that it was a nice story

Hmm what is your natural language.

Spanish, but i can english, why?

Oh, i was wondering because of your first comment.

Oh and sorry if my english is not the best one