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My Girlfriend Dressed Me As Her Baby Girl

When I was with my gf she really knew how to push all my buttons...even some I didn't know like being a baby girl. I knew I liked dressing and being little girlish but actually enjoying being diapered and then teased about it was something I hadn't thought about for a long long time. It brought back memories that I had repressed of being a pre-teen and purposely wetting my pants because my mother threatened to put me back in diapers if my accidents didn't stop. Somehow she helped bring back all those memories of how I wanted to be put back into diapers and having everyone see the little boy in his diapers. She wanted her girlfriends to see her boyfriend dressed as a baby girl so they could tease me about not being a man but a sissy baby girl...especially when she would change me in front of them and they saw my lack of manhood. She didn't make me use them for bowel movements thank goodness...those she had my sit on a pink potty totally embarrassing!

OMG this woman was so horny it was amazing. She rarely let me penetrate her but I gave her oral at least once a day and she'd use BOB, her battery operated boyfriend to ********** always telling me she had to because her sissy boyfriend couldn't satisfy her with his tiny baby ****.

Even when we were out as a normal couple it was very obvious she was the boss in our relationship. Of course she was slowly feminizing me...manicures, pedicures, plucked eyebrows, earrings, woman's wear which resembled menswear but if you looked close there was signs that they were women's clothing. I carried a purse and would have to apply lipgloss quite frequently. Of course underneath I wore panties all the time...but i'd being wearing them for years so no big deal but I was now wearing camis or cami style bras as well. Sometimes the top of the cami or bra would show which is embarrassing. I also wore a thin gold chain with a small cross which would normally be seen on a woman not a male. My gestures and movements were slowly changing to be more feminine. I looked more like a gay male than anything and she'd always tease me how certain males would look at me sexually. She say..."you know you'd love sucking them or letting them **** you". One of her gf's was married and her husband was bi so she said maybe he could be your part-time bf if her gf would let him. It never happened but she'd make comments when we would all be together how cute a couple the two of us would make.

It was becoming increasingly difficult to work and be in a relationship with her as it was starting to effect my work. I travel quite frequently and she didn't like me being gone so much. I wasn't ready to give a a great job and we slowly drifted apart. To be totally honest I was still in love with my wife and wanted to be back with her. She found a new bf and is happy so it all worked out in the end for everyone.
Elizabethanne253 Elizabethanne253 56-60, T 11 Responses Jun 15, 2013

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How delightful for you

Another great

I would love to be a sissy baby girl, and be pampered by a lady.

That's an amazing story! So how did it feel having people see you as a feminized man ...embarrassed or excited ...or have they become the same?

Haylee, a very humiliating experience being seen as a baby girl, an effeminate male or frilly french maid. Rarely did we go out as a "normal" couple. She liked embarrassing me in public as her sissy boyfriend or her boyfriend who was in diapers had had to carry a diaper bag. We also went out as two girls to alternative bars. She liked guys hitting on us but more so me. We never went home with them but would have dance with them. She would tease me about going home with a "real" man in stead of her sissy bf.

sweet wife feminizes me and makes me serve her and her lovers as there little sissy, ***, slave and I love it so

lucky woman

Very erotic story....

Great story!

You lucky girl, having a woman - even for a while - who wanted you that way...thank you for sharing.

I think it is wonderful when us sissies find a woman who recognizes the sissy in us and exploits it for their own pleasure.
Thank you so very much for sharing.

Thanks for sharing.