From An Early Age

It started back when I was convinced to look and act more feminine for a boy.  Her name was Kat and her plan was to help me look sexy for my boyfriend.  She gave me some of her old lingerie and even helped me put on a  little makeup.  She taught me how a young lady walked and talked.  This went on for almost 5 months till one day she just disappeared.  I found out her family moved to another state but still wonder to this day why she never told me in advance that she was leaving.

Update to this story; I recently met someone that know us back then.  I found out that Kat helped me dress and act like a girl, not because she was my friend but to help her escape the abuse she was receiving from my so called boy friend. 

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Yes he did. From what I've learned, her family moved because she was pregnant (she miscarried in her second trimester). After that she became home bound, immersed herself in education and is now a research scientist for a major drug company. I also learned that she met and married a very nice guy and has two beautiful daughters that are folling in Mom's footsteps.<br />
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So in a way it was a happy ending to a very sad time in both of our lives.

That's very possible. She always refered to me as her little sister. Even the couple of times I was at her house she called me sis in front of her family.

I think maybe she did like you and just couldn't say goodbye.

No I had tried to contact her but sometimes I wondered if she just didn't want to have anything to do with me.

such a nice yet sad story. Did you ever hear from her?