Dressed By Someone

i was about 8 or so win the neighbor girls put me in a dress to play with them

tammy2 tammy2
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3 Responses Feb 26, 2010

Sometimes when my neighbor Debbie & I were playing at her house, she would get some of her clothes for me to wear. Usually this was when our mom's were doing something together, and her nana was watching us. This happened when we were between 8 and 12, and as long as we were not making too much noise, Nana left us alone. Debbie liked having a girl friend her age to play with, and she knew how much I liked being a girl.

you where lucky to have a friend like that

well, did you enjoy it? did you feel funny being in a dress? did you continue?

yes i was a wiiling participant and let them put me in a drees it was the neighbor girls that did it to me and their was 4 girls that put me in a dress we were about 10