Christened By My Wife And Sister

My Sister from Los Angeles was visiting with my Wife and I.  I had just recently convinced my Sister to purchase a Wonder Woman costume for my Wife before she came to visit because the costume shops in L.A. are far superior to what we have here.  My wife is a beautiful woman and would be a good stand in for Lynda Carter.  My wife has Green Eyes but other than that, she's a good double.  My Sister got the costume out while we sat around the dinner table and showed it.  My Wife and Sister were making all sorts of comments about my fantasy of having my Wife wear the costume.  Well... my Sister finally got around to deciding that I should wear the costume instead and see how I liked it.  Well, she took the GOLD sequined bra and positioned herself behind me and put the bra across my chest, told me to slip my arms inside the straps and she fastened it behind my back.  I was still wearing all my guy clothes at the time but the second she fastened the clip at the rear of the bra strap, I began to feel flushed, I just knew my face was turning red.  They were laughing at me and telling me how cute I looked with big breasts and I could feel a stirring in my loins and in no time flat, I had a Raging Hard On!  I was enjoying the experience immensely and I couldn't even hear whatever it was they were saying to each other, I was just totally engulfed by the experience.  It was as if my manhood had been locked up with that bra clip and I felt great!  Of course the only part of my manhood not locked up was my throbbing penis.  My Sister then uncllipped the bra and removed it from me.  I felt immediate relief and disappointment as my womanly chest was removed.  I just wish the experience had gone in another direction and they would have made me wear the entire outfit and announced my womanhood.  It is incredible just how powerful a single piece of wardrobe can be in the right hands and the right circumstance.  I KNOW that my Sister was thoroughly enjoying my predicament.  I think my Wife just went along with the flow.  When my Wife put the costume on for me, I absolute LOVED it!  She looked  fantastic but I was secretly envious that she got to wear it and not me!

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6 Responses Mar 3, 2010

I am right there with you ans I would have some how found a male superhero costume and suggested we wear the others costume and reverse the rolls.

My heart was beating so hard and I was so flushed and aroused...I might have been able to think of that an other time but right then all I could do was live in the moment! It was WONDERFUL!

So next halloween get the male superhero costume and trade for it and wear hers.

DANG. That musta stunk. bet you REALLY wanted to wear it

I hope she kept the costume!
That way, you might find some private time to prance and dance in it!!

I kept it, she doesn't know.

Sweet!!!! How many times have you worn it?

Not enough! I'd like to wear it at least three times a week. it's awesome!

maybe you should wait and go out with it on!

I would put it on when she was there if there was even a remote chance that she would like for me to do it. The sad truth is, she doesn't like the entire subject of crossdressing. I have brought it up in conversation before testing out her feelings on the subject.

Halloween is fast approaching. You could always "get" it for her again and see if she'd wear it. If not, you could always play the part of "not wanting to waste the money" and wear it then. Just an idea.

You could always try it on when she's not home, or maybe even if she is depending on your relationship with your wife.

i\'m pretty sure she\'d leave me if i dressed again. She thinks i\'m on the road to being cured. I\'m just hopeful something or someone will trigger a change in her thinking before i\'m too old. well maybe in the next life things will be better.