My Girlfriend Dress Me As A Girl/women

I just want to get another peoples thoughts on this I am in love with my girlfriend and she is with me and we have been for 3 years. But alot of the time when we started to get hot and heavy she looks me to dress or be dressed as a women depends on how she feel to what i wear alot of the time it is underwaer tights and 6inch platform high heels and the only thing she dosent like about this is the fact that to start with I am taller than her and then you add the 6inchs you can see where i am going with this and it turns out that if she could have her way I would shrink down to a smaller size than her when I am dressed as a girl so I would have to wear heels just to get a kiss I dont mind being dressed up at all I really like it but I dont know what to tink about her wantting me to shrink only plus side i could see hehe is that I could fit in to more womens shoes lol

BeerDiablo BeerDiablo
Mar 12, 2010