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Schoolgirl For A Day

When I was 18 I had left school and gone to University to read Maths. My girlfriend at the time was still at school and approaching her final exams but she was not studying as she should and was not confident of gaining the grades she required. One day while I was helping her with her maths she said ' It would be so much easier if you could sit the exam for me. There are hundreds of people in the exam hall and no one would notice.' I told her that it was dishonest and that I would not but as it got closer to exam time I could see that she was going to fail. I am a sucker for a bj so I relented and said I would do it.

She asked me to come over the night before so that she could get me up to speed with the layout of her school because I had not been there before.

The maths exam was on the Monday so I went over about 6 on Sunday evening. I could tell that she was excited but thought that she was just pleased that she did not have to sit the exam. How wrong I was!

She told me to undress and I thought that I was getting an early gift for sitting her exam but then she produced a razor and said that she had to shave my legs. Why on earth do you need to do that? I responded.

'Well if you are going to wear my school uniform you cannot be seen to have hairy legs, of course'

My heart started to thump. 'I'm not wearing your uniform I'm just sitting the exam' I cried.

'But I go to an all girls school. You can't go in to the hall as a guy!'

I'd totally forgotten that. I had seen her in her uniform (and lovely it was) but I assumed it was a mixed sex school like my own had been.

'I can't go to your school dressed as a girl'

'You have to. It is the only way you will get in'

'No way!!'

She started to cry and said that she had to pass this exam and I had promised that I would sit it for her.

I hate seeing tears and said 'Is there no other way?'

'No' she cried.'My future is ruined if you don't do this'

Blackmail or what! but I am a sucker as I said before.

I said 'Let's see if I look OK then but if I don't I am not doing it!'

So I undressed and let her shave my legs and I shaved my face as close as I could.

She pulled a pair of silk panties up my legs followed by a pair of nude tights. She fastened a bra to my back,added a white blouse and grey pleated skirt and inch high heels.

She stood back to look at me and said my boobs needed padding. She got some cotton balls and padded out my bra. The bra didn't look right under the blouse so she made me take the blouse off and handed me a silky slip to pull over my head. She loosened the skirt and tucked the slip inside. I must admit the silk over my tights was a thrilling sensation. She fastened the blouse again and started to apply make up. Foundation, eye make up, mascara and lipstick. Finally she added extensions to my already long hair.

She stood me up and led me to a mirror. I was taken aback to see such a good looking girl looking back at me. I was hot!!!

You look fantastic she said and started to kiss and caress me. I was like a rock under that skirt!

That bulge has to go she said. You'll frighten the other girls!

That was a wonderful experience.

I had to go home that night but I couldn't sleep thinking about what was to come the next day.

I arrived at 8am next day and she dressed me again. I felt so good and almost skipped along the road to her school.As she said there were so many people in the hall wearing the same uniform that no one paid me much attention. The exam was easy for me and I spent a lot of the time ogling the other girls who were dressed just like me.

All those grey pleated skirts and shapely legs being crossed in the stress of the exam were turning me on so much. I was glad the tights were holding my erection in a vertical position. Any give and my skirt would have been sticking out in front.

When the exam was over I walked back to my girlfriends and was welcomed by a big kiss. We sat and chatted about the exam and she asked me to describe the girls around about me. After about an hour chatting she said 'Are you enjoying being dressed as a schoolgirl because you have been sitting for an hour wearing my uniform and made no move to change.'

I blushed and fumbled some words out about the excitement of sitting an exam...but she wasn't fooled. She said I should get out of her uniform so she could hang it up and she left the room. I started to undress, feeling a little sad, but had only taken off the skirt and blouse when she came in with a flowery summer dress and said 'put that on and we'll go for a walk'.

I hesitated but she undid the zip on the dress and pulled it over my head. She zipped me up and handed me a handbag before saying 'Now, my Physics exam is on Thursday........'

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A very cool story!<br />
<br />

I agree. I wish to hear about the walk and the physics exam.

I agree with htr60... Did she introduce you to cd'ing that day?

wow.. im so jealous! That was a dream story

Great story especially when you put the slip on mmm

Sounds like a great experience. Had you ever crossdressed before or was this your introduction into it?

Great experience and a sure fantasy of many, would like to hear how the walk and physics exam went? Is there a prom story in development?