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As most know here it was with the encouragement of my mom that I wore dresses as a young boy. However, I also had what my brothers called "Sissy Dresses". Although they would never say anything in the presence of my mom for fear they too would be so dressed. Some here remember quite well the pouffy petticoated dresses that little girls wore in the late 50s thru the early 60s. I had these dresses in a whole sundre of pretty colors from pink to satinny blue. They all came either with separate petticoats or pettislips, some even with pettipants. They all came with ribbons and bows and various forms or patterns of lace. Some came with sashes that tied around the waist in big bows. I was only allowed to wear these on special days, birthdays or the holidays.
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By the way I hate to hear the word Sissy boy for males, it scratches my ears.<br />
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There is no such a thing as a sissy, there are only feMENine males and I like them very feMENine,

luvtowear you are so fortunate to have found a woman that allows you to dress up for her. you are very lucky. i wish i could find a woman like that

How jealous I was of my sister wearing those lovely party dresses, and especially those hot black patent Mary-Jane shoes with the lacy anklets! How thrilled I was when she outgrew them and they were given to me to play dressup! I wonder if at the time my mom knew it wouldead to a lifetime of thrilling dressing in glamourous womens clothes? Mom never stopped giving me sis's outgrown things. Even as a pre-teen when I began passing my Sis size-size, mom gave me her nice things she would become tired of. I cannot remember the last time mom bought me boy's undies. Finally when I was about 9 Sis outgrew one of her garterbelts and gave it to me. It was such a thrill to be wearing sheer nylon stockings! I was given all mom & sis's stressed stockings and mom would take me to shop for new hose on my birthdays. Now when I get home from work my sweet wife has a cute blouse and skirt to change into plus a pair if shiny black patent stiletto heeled mary-jane pumps to slip my nylon stockinged feet into

I can remember those fancy satin dresses of the early 60's so well. I was three when mother began dressing me up in them and loved every second of it.

Your Lucky many boys only dream of having a mother that would have the courage of dressing them up.
And not have a father that always thinks because a gurl wears a dress sHE's gonna turn gay.

That's a truly delightful story, Melodie. And I can relate, being a product of the fifties myself. As I recall, the "pettipants' of the day were called rhumba panties and usually had rows of ruffles of lace or satin across the bum. For the real little girls, these panties were lined with plastic to make them waterproof. This kept our little girl cute but "socially acceptable" to borrow a phrase from Playtex baby pants. My cousin, Penny, had several party dresses and petticoat slips of the type you've described. If I recall correctly, she had a a nylon slip called a "blouse slip". that was worn like a silky blouse with short puffed sleeves and had a wide circle skirt of stiff nylon taffeta, I think. It could have been paper nylon or nylon parchment, I suppose. But I remember how wonderful and satiny smooth it felt. I had a couple opportunities to play "dressup" and still remember the excitement from wearing these and other little girl frilly undies of the time. And the party dresses! OMG, How I had so much fun dressing up in those satin and organza dresses. Even the simple but pretty pastel gingham checkered cotton dresses were special with a stiff nylon petticoat slip underneath it. Those beautiful dresses were worn by my cousin to church each Sunday so I got to see a lot of them even when we weren't playing "dressup". And most of the little girls back then wore pretty dresses like you describe if my memory serves me correctly. They almost all had thiose beautiful satin ribbon sashes that you've mentioned. And it was quite common to find the special occasion frocks adorned with ribbons and bows, not to mention frilly ruffles of lace or the such. I still remember quite clearly the pretty little pink bow on the front of the top of the bodice of those pouffy nylon petticoat slips. And just to show the staying power of that style for little girls, our daughter a generation later had several such nylon petticoat slips that were bought around 1980. Yes, my wife was able to obtain such frilly slips made by "Her Majesty" , I believe, from Jordan Marsh department store locally! I remember seeing them in the girl's section even then. And those adorable black patent leather Mary Jane shoes with the lace ruffled anklets. I don't believe that those Mary Jane shoes have ever gone out of style. I do wish now and then how nice it would be to go back to those days for just a little while and relive those carefree moments when it meant something special to be dressed pretty as a picture, and hear the ladies comment on how adorable the little girls of the day were. Oh well, at least we have such sweet memories of those days. And I hope you do too. If I were to go back for a while, I would like to do it as a little girl to be pampered over, dressed up, and hugged, and kissed, and loved as all children should be every day. God bless....

I have seen pictures and some in clothes museums would love to be ******** and dressed in these dresses especially ones with matching panties.

Your desc<x>riptions of these dresses are wonderful, I remember them well in the late 50's to mid 60's.

Oh yes, they where very fancy, better than some dresses of toady era. some were fairly glamours