I Almost Ran Over A Cat Today.

While I was driving today, I saw this cat just walk out onto the street. I thought why isn't the cat running like most cat? So I thought I would scare it by speeding up. But to my surprise, the cat stopped....turned his head and looked at me as it was thinking "Go ahead and run me over.....see if I care". I had no choice but to stop. When I did stop, the cat then proceeded to stroll across the street.
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5 Responses Jul 16, 2011

Love it!

LOL........They try to be in control of traffic same as humans. Cute story.

Might have been old, and well guessing you would respect their age. My cat is old, hardly runs now and does not enjoy jumping as much. She has a cat flap, but prefers us to open the door to let her in and out, easier I guess. Glad you stopped, seen a few dead cats in the road, RTAs, sad sight.

Mabe the little cat thought "That nice old man wont knock me down" and hey the cat was right, cats are smart animals. theyve got people well figured out, most of the time.

aww what a cute story.. I love animals , glad you didnt run over it :)