They .... The Satanic Gang Bang Rape Plan

they .... bashed me, they kicked me... they drugged me twice and they planed for me to be raped....

I know the truth and the police have names and I hope they die in hell for what they did....

I know the raped was planned by them as well.

see my rape stories in "I was raped experience"

Rick or someone in the film group spiked my drink one night and I was ill ... 

and I do wonder what that ken did to lure me to the hotel room 

he gave me a beer and I don't even like beer... 

then he just did what he wanted basically ... why did I collapse ... I guess fear and trauma being a virgin and him going at me like some crazy animal

I think they video taped it for his mates... as well... would not surprise me the guy was that sick it the head.

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I feel sorry that you have experienced that much trauma.I also know it never goes away.I have been in despare all my life but knowing that its not just me makes me think do they have any feelings.Do they feel anything?Are they even human?

I feel the anger for you. Are you okay now?

Wow....I am truly and deeply sorry and for anyone going or having the same experiences or had them. But wishing that they die in hell is building up the hate within yourself. You will always remember this experience but now is a time for healing and not to be settled and stirred in the hatred. If you EVER need anyone to talk to just message me Ok. take care of yourself and know that you are not alone ok. sending you love and take care :)

Actually, wishing that they die in hell is a perfectly normal, natural, and HEALTHY thing to do. It means you're not suppressing the completely valid anger and rage you feel after being so cruelly used, abused, etc. You can't heal unless you allow all the emotions to be worked through. That includes anger, rage, hate and other so-called "negative" emotions. And another thing, wanting revenge, thinking, talking, writing about what you want to happen to the sick f*cks who hurt you, is also normal, natural, and healing.


I have been also abused and still going through it mentally,physically....I know how it feels to be pushed down and stepped all over. I have ptsd from it and i do get flashbacks but I think to have a better mind set and allow yourself to move on even tho you may be going through the same thing is better than to have negative thoughts from it because anger will just build and build til you explode. Everyone is entitled to live and be happy even tho you may be in a tough situation and I think that I you just think positvely than you can and will be better than those people that cause so much pain in your life. These challenges in life can make you a better person and make you learn from experiences such as these if only you will let it and not make the same mistakes.

I spent years crying over all the abuse and violence and the lack of understanding from others .... <br />
The torture and loneliness through it all from childhood - to adult life has shattered me as a person.. I feel half a person now.

Tsarista...I don't even know what to say. I cannot tell you how sorry I am. I might not be able to understand completely the extent of the things you are going through, but I know that this must be inexplicably horrible for you. I just thought I should say what happened to you does NOT make you half a person, the...creatures...that did this to you shouldn't even qualify as human beings. You did nothing wrong, even if you were drunk or whatever, it was a crime against you, and you did nothing to deserve it. To hell with what anyone else thinks or says, it was not your fault. I don't think this is something you can ever truly forget, but I hope you find the strength to eventually find happiness. There are a lot of people who have been through similar experiences, and who did find happiness in the end. I sincerely, truly hope you are one of them, and that you can put this behind you, sooner or later.