A Bad Four Weeks

i was 15 and i was walking down my neighborhood and i was going to the park so i sat on a bench and out of nowhere someone put a blind fold on me and thy tied me up and i passed out i woke up in a van naked and strapped down a man was driving and 5 men were licking, biting, and kissing me i cried the whole trip the car stoped and they grabbed me and put me in this warehouse they took me to this room and it looked like an actual hotel room (the rich ones) they threw me on the bed and put my leg wide apart and i kicked but they drugged me i woke up amd my legs were wide open and tied down my arms were tied to the bed a man came in and said "you gonna like this" he slapped me on my breast and sucked them he started to lick my ***** i cried but he said "if you dont shutup im gonna kill you" he raised a gun and i immediatly started to be quite he put his penis in me and started to **** 4 other men came in and they basically ********** me 3 women came in and ****** me with a fake penis for four weeks i was beat and raped i really didnt want to share this story it was hard trying to type it
haunts me now:(
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

if all this is true then all people responsible for kidnapping and rapping you should face capital punishment, no excuses.