The End

There you can still see her in my avatar picture. The two of us, a love so sweet high in drama and passion. 18 months highs and lows. She is from a different country. And now I think I got replaced. She broke up to make up her mind in November, I supported the break-up because I was not happy how she handled me, had to get her past resolved, few weeks later I received a message that she loved me very much. December 30 I got a message invoking God and eternity over our love, 3 days later I tried frantically calling her, and got no where. Her phone dead as it were, and in her family I got no hold of her. Finally I get another English speaker on the line who is making threats. It sinks in that he is my successor. I am still bewildered, because while I was half OK with my sweet girl moving on, I was not prepared for her doing it this way after pumping me up with sweet declarations of love. I can hardly believe it and have some small hopes that this is just a bad dream. But I fully expect that this is it. Very sad, very very sad. I think I will get over her, but all our shared hopes and dreams gone, that is a big sad loss.
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Did I say "I can hardly believe ..." ... and it was good I didn't fully believe.

I was not dumped by my girlfriend. She loves me, a lot. It was all a ploy by her family, a really rough time we had. I am still being threatened by weird calls, it's scary, but we don't let them separate us.<br />
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I really feel for all here who are hoping that their being dumped is just a bad dream. Because I was lucky, I still want to share a few things that I have learned through all of this:<br />
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1. I would have survived and so will you. We may still break up one day soon, and then I will survive. This end has taught me not to hold on for fear of the loss but to savor the blessings she brings into my life and to share joy (all the way!!!) with her.<br />
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2. You are WORTHY OF TRUE LOVE, do not settle for less, if she doesn't want you move on and find someone who does. There is nothing better in live than being DESIRED by your girl. Find one who does, it's possible. <br />
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3. If yours is so-so, don't beg her, move on even if it hurts and find one who loves you.<br />
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4. We can't control the other person, only ourselves. Work on yourself, your body and your life your self-confidence to get in shape.

or may be not? This was as close to an actual end as I had ever gotten. Nobody will believe our story. This was a misunderstanding seeded by people who wanted us apart.