She Dumped Me, Then She Got Married The Next Day.

So yeah, thats what happened. I remember it pretty well. We were dating for a while, and had what i thought was a pretty good thing going. Of course i see now, that she was not the most REAL person in the world. She did the whole "goth" thing, which is cool for people who aren't just barbie dolls painted black. Anywho, she would say stuff like "Im a nymphomaniac." which was a total lie. She just wanted to fit in with a minority, and it was her ex that originally told her she was, probably just to subconsciously make her want to have sex more often, although he was kind of a retard who dropped out of high school freshman year and rode everywhere on a scooter, so he was pretty much dumb as a bucket of fried prawns.

Stop. Back track.

We were dating, and doing all the cool teen stuff like watching tv, texting each other, and having sex on a completely healthy, and no where near nymphomaniacal level. Damn Liar. But one day we were hanging out at this playground in her neighborhood and making out, as we would do. We smiled at each other, and exchanged that oh so wonderful phrase "I Love You". We walked back to her house holding hands, and went inside her house. We went up to her room, had very sensuous sex, then she said she thought we should just be friends. After a couple minutes of talking, and crying on her part, i got dressed, we hugged, had a goodbye make out session, which was kind of odd, then i left, never to return. She texted me the whole way home, saying i love you, maybe i should rethink this, i want to stay with you, and so and so fourth. I understood, and told her to sleep on it. I told her i loved her. The next day, i checked my myspace, and saw that she had uploaded a photo album called wedding pictures. In less than 24 hours she had dumped me, and married her ex boyfriend, and gone to the zoo as a honeymoon. Goddam it, how pathetic. But the thing that got me was that it was that damn freshman year drop out kid. He was better than me? I was working hard in school, making straight A's, planning on becoming a doctor, Im an accomplished fuking  pianist and songwriter, and she marries and unemployed HIGH SCHOOL DROP OUT, GETS MARRIED IN A PUBLIC PARK, AND GOES TO THE ZOO FOR HER HONEYMOON? What the ***. I dont get it. Can anyone explain this to me. Im in a relationship right now, that i REALLLY enjoy, with a girl i LOVE, but this other girl is still on my mind, and its been a kinda long time since her and I broke up, yet she is still on my mind alot. I cant count how many songs ive written and performed just to get her out of my damn head, but it never works. I dont understand it.  Whatever.

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she was goth....ergo dramatic.<br />
i love how you write. its fantastic

My friend, you could do far better than her. She sounds like something of a drama queen, and this marriage thing sounds like the most insane attempt to incite jealousy I've ever seen. Guarantee if you see her anytime soon she'll try and get with you.

Fabulous story. Well written, entertaining and . . . I guess I should say you have my sympathies, but frankly this story is so wacked out, on multiple levels, I don't even know how to react. <br />
<br />
Some women are, not lost souls exactly, but in love with the idea of being a lost soul. This pattern, now that I think about it, is something I've seen a lot of in the past. You're clean, promising, talented, ambitious, and yet she is caught irresistibly in the vortex of some greasy, skeevy, deeply screwed up dude, with whom she nonetheless has a HISTORY, and in the end it's the HISTORY that makes all the difference, it's all that really counts, even in the face of everything else. For some people, I'm saying.<br />
<br />
Anyway, I'm glad you've found something far more sane and fulfilling. What else can I say, some things about human nature are just inexplicable.