I Constantly Get Paranoid About My Boyfriend

i always think my boyfriend is going to dump me. I text him and he takes ages to reply or just doesn't. if  i talk to him on internet he doesnt listen to what im saying he just puts smiley faces like hes being sympathetic or something. i ask him over and he will say he isnt sure if he can come because he might be doing something, so when i ask on the day if he can actually come he just goes not sure, so i say not to bother. I don't ask him to come over all the time maybe once or twice a week and he sometimes cant even do that? i dont understand what i'm doing wrong. I love him and make sure he is okay. the weird thing is sometimes he will go all clingy and be like i love you i will never leave you or when im ill he will hold me and make sure im okay and wont leave till he knows i am but then other times he acts like he couldnt give a ****? what on earth am i supposed to think ? 
WonderingMe WonderingMe
18-21, F
Aug 23, 2010