She Made Me Travel a Long Distance-broke My Heart- and Left Me All Alone

Sweet nature playing host to me

as by the coast I strolled along

every care set soulfully free

crazily I broke into a song

My face lit up with the purest smile

so relaxed never did feel my heart

for broken like shards of glass

it had been ripping my soul apart

Passionately in love with my angel was i

dreams in my eyes, hopes galore

sweet nothings rustling every second

best days of my life, brought to the fore

The voice, the touch, the craving

we believed nothing could go wrong

delving deep into dreams did we swim

the eternal wait seeming not so long

Valentine day , the most divine

every couple in love would swear

I too was waiting for it to come

To meet my fairy, a moment rare

Traveled a great long distance did i

hopping and skipping to a far off place

brain numbed out, heart started cracking

something amiss writ large on her face

She loved me more than ever said she

but nothing much she could sway

dear folks had chosen a prince for her

her courage, our future, swept away

Off she went waving her hand

leaving me alone and bereft

that was the last time ever I saw her

before I fell down & inconsolably wept

Night set in & I started on my way back

The longest travel ever did it seem

Wallowing in self pity was I asking

Oh god ! why me? Why me? Why me?

Time always heals the heart they say

nature mends it, soothing the pain

though prefer do I to keep the shards

thousands time more to love again

raviji raviji
1 Response Mar 14, 2009

hahahaha...i know..i moved on ...this might sound strange but in India where i live, families have a stranglehold on the lives of the children. FOr most people, they don't even have the right to choose their partner. We live in a primitive world , bound by too many duties and too few rights.