Not Just Once

I was once dumped by a guy I was with online for several months and who I had known for over 2 years, he just up and disapeared from the chats and the irc network we communicated over. He also stopped answering my emails. It was a rough month being basically abandoned with no explaination, without even knowing for the first week if he was alive or dead. Turned out that between my depression, anxiety and desire to talk on the phone, he couldn't handle the stress. Ugh, pissed me off so much.

Another time, I was dumped by someone online so they could be with someone else who I also liked, the day after he split up with one of my best freinds she dumped me and got with him. It was low, it was mean and it stuck with me for months hard.

My rl record isn't much better, but it is a lot shorter

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1 Response Nov 27, 2007

I didn't ever get to meet either of them irl. I was confined to online relationships for a long time becuase being transsexual it's difficult and dengerous to go looking for anyone to date irl. Online I could be myself too. The more I've matured emotionally and the more I've femininzed and become somewhat comfortable with my appearance, the more I've been able to interact with people irl.<br />
Those relationships were deepl personal and very important to me, it crushed me completely both times. I thought I had found people that could understand and love me, but instead I found a guy too afraid of his own sexuality to talk to me on the phone and hear my voice or to even look at a picture of me! (yeah, hat one hurt bad, even though I didn't want him to see me at first becuase I hated my appearance so much) As for Snow, she was jsut a ***** and I didn't realise it. One of those ones that can make you feel whatever they want you to feel for them once they catch a whiff of you being interested, then once they're bored they crush you and toss you away. She was also the first girl I had a relationship with so it really stung bad.<br />
<br />
I find online relationships are only as superficial as you make them, it's up to BOTH (or all) invloved to make it more than just chat and fantasy