I Was Dumped.

I was dumped four months ago. The way the guy dumped was so cowardly. He told me he missed me and that we had all the summer to be together and he even sent me a picture mail. About 10 days later, I did not hear from him so I got concerned that something happened to him. I sent him text messages if he is ok and he did not respond. Then I called him and his number been disconnected. So I was crying because I thought something bad happened to him or he might be dead. Then I went to the dating site of where we met and I noticed he was online. So I sent him an email, "So I guess you are not feeling me." I got no response. I got pissed so I wrote to him, "It is evident that you don't want to be with me so I guess it's over." I was so annoyed and disappointed that he was not man enough to say that it is over. When the hell was he afraid of, I wasn't going to do the Lorena Bobbit thing. Till this day, it bothers me that I never got a real closure as to why he gave me the silent treatment after he told me he wanted to be with me. All I can say is that it's his loss.
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2 Responses Aug 13, 2010

i agree. easier said than done, but dont let it bother you too much. even if he had all the reason in the world to break up (hard to image), he owed it to you to say it was over. *******!

The way to look at it is, apart from being his loss, if he shows this lack of respect to a lady, he is destined for a lonely life.<br />
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Don't let it bother you and one reason he was to coward to reply to you was because he realized you are way out of his league ;)