How the F do I deal with my ex-girlfriend liking, laughing, and

having sex with another dude.  Any ideas, I'm dyin' over here.

I have these visions in my head. .

It may be a lil easier if I could go out 'n meet a chick as fast as she

can meet a guy. An old Japanese proverb "The best way to get over

a girl is to get under one", and vice versa. This babe has guys coming

out of the woodwork that want to take her out. Everywhere she goes dudes 

are all over her. She's goin out havin a great time, I'm tearin' up every two

seconds.  I have serious anxiety and a low self opinion . . . .I can't seem to

form a scentence here. . .so. . . help me out if ya got anything.


Helmit Helmit
36-40, M
1 Response Mar 13, 2010

How do YOU know she's doing all of what you said?