Tied Up and Pantsed

well it was a while back i must have been about 15 at the time and it was my birthday, at the time we where staying at a house near the beach so we where having a bbq in the garden and swimming in the sea.

So we where swimming for a while and it got to around half six and by then me and my friends just came in and sat on the beach, i shut my eyes and just lied back and after about a phew miniutes i wonder why its gotten a bit quiet and suddenly i get tipped over onto my front, my friends then pin me and tie my hands behind my back. From there they then lift me up and carry me back to the the bbq while chanting the happy birthday song.

So i'm taken back to the garden that is open to the beach and tied to a tree, and my friends all gather round and even the people from inside ( myparents friend and husband to keep an eye on us while they where gone) and the birthday song rounded up and one of my frieds came forward (girl) and said "have a happy birthday, and heres your present" and she grabbed the sides of my trunks and pulled them to the ground. my god it was so embarrassing and obviously i had been in the water a long time so it was all shrivelled, so after a bit of pointing and laughing  (even from the adults) the friends went in and my mams friend untied me while saying "it's all right ive seen it all and after all its a birthday tradition"   

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well that does suck i had a similar stuation well at least being tied down and people laughing but i let her do it well i was 13 actually i was 14 i was at a oarty wit friends a girl i just started dating said lets go to a room we did we started making she took my clothes off me except for my underwear then she said let me handcuff you i let her then she pullrd my boxers off then stopped and stared at my penis she started laughing saying oh god it so small i t was 3.5 inchs hard only 2 inhs limp. well i was limp to she laughed then said she'd be right back the girls gotta see this i told her no let me up.she came back with a group of girls and accouple guy they all laughed called me different maes one girls then started sroking me with her thumb pointer and middle finger i cam fast which brought more laughs the girl broke up wit me after that .that was ine of my only bad storys being tied up but you can read my other stories i was a very late bloomer so i got embarressed alot by other kids

Well that is when your only 13 am 19 and my penis is 3 in hard and 1in soft

well she did apoligise, she said once the rest of them gave here the idea she thaught it would be hilarious and then cracked a joke about me being in the "cold" water to long, and the jokes went on and on.

she didnt really say anything, she just stood there with everyone staring at my groin she was just open jawed and then started giggling uncontrolably